One Last Thing Before I Go

Karen Goodman is a very brave and strong women. She is very ill and she only wants three things before she dies: To go to a One Direction concert, meet them, and fall in love with someone who loves her for her and can look past her illness.


2. Awkward Moment

                      Karen was kind of shocked to see that Niall had gotten a limo. " Uh, Nialler. A limo?" she said. " I was just trying to be nice," Niall said looking away from Karen. "Okay, but a simple car would have been fine. Even a double bike thingy or whatever it's called would've worked, too."

"Errrrrr,"Niall mumbled.

"Come on! We might as well enjoy it!"

Karen hopped into the limo and motioned Niall to sit next to her. Niall smiled at her and sat down. "Would you care for some wine?" Karen asked in a french accent. "Oui!" Niall laughed. "So," Karen said hoping that Niall would start a conversation. " So, uh, who is it that you would like to fall madly in love with you?" Niall asked curiously. "Oh just a super sweet guy, but he would never fall for me. I think he's absolutely perfect though. I love everything about him."

"Really?" Niall said slightly disappointed. "Yeah, and you are h-," she stopped herself. Karen had to think of something, and quick! " I mean you are a very lucky person." She didn't think that through, but she hoped it was good enough. "Why am I a very lucky person?" Niall asked looking puzzled. "Well, uh, um...because you have millions of girls that think you are the hottest creature to ever live in this planet so..."

                    "Oh. I'm sure people are just begging you to date them."

Karen rolled her eyes and laughed. "You're just saying that to make me feel better aren't you?" Karen asked. " No, I mean it. Anyone would be stupid not to love you. I mean you're smart, funny, sweet; what more could someone ask for?"

"Looks," Karen replied while looking at her hands in her lap. " I think you're beautiful, and don't let anyone tell you different."

"Aw! Thanks, Niall."

                      When they got to Karen's hotel, she invited him to her room. Niall gladly took her up on that offer. She opened the door and told Niall to make himself at home while she changed into something a little more comfortable. Niall silently sat on her bed and waited for her to come out of the bathroom. She walked out of the bathroom and Niall chuckled. "What?" Karen asked confused. "Do you think your shorts are short enough? Also, it seems to me that your tank top is a wee bit tight."

"Hey, this is an every night thing for me!" Karen smiled. Niall laughed and shook his head. "Do you want to order takeout?" Karen asked. " Sure. Chinese?"

"Sounds great!"

"Karen, do you have any movies, particularly scary?"

"I'm not a huge fan of horror movies, but oddly enough I do have a few."

"Don't worry, you have me to keep you safe."

Karen got a movie and put it in. "Um Niall, I think I'm going to take a quick shower while you start watching the movie."

"Okay," Niall said laying down. Karen got in the shower and was in there for quite some time. So much for a quick shower. While she was in the shower, Niall ordered the Chinese takeout so they could eat it when she got out.When she stepped out of the shower she realized she didn't have a towel...or clothes to put on. "NIALL!!!!" she yelled," I need a towel! And could you also bring my suitcase, too!?"

"Yeah! Just give me a second!"

Niall got a towel and her suitcase. He knocked on the door. Karen opened the door a little bit and quickly took the towel and suitcase from his hands. "Thanks Nialler!" she yelled then shut the door.

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