is this meant to last

My name is Vanessa. I was born and raised in Bradford, London. i dated Harry Styles and Zayn Malik before the became famous. What will happen when we met again. who will Vanessa choose? (This is for the one Directon contest.)


1. the day we met

MARCH 2007

           My name is Vanessa. I was born and raised in Bradford , London. i have long black hair brown eyes, and im 5 feet 3 inches tall. My parents divorced last month so i had to move with my mom on the other side of town. i moved to the north to east. Our flat had 2 rooms, and 2 bathrooms. 

          Once again i was the new girl. I had no mates over her and i dont make friends easily. i was 15 so i had to go to school. My mom sighned me up for a school called Tong High School. it was my freshman year. my home room teacher was Ms. Zavala which i had twice. She taught math 1 and math 2. for the first day i wore a aztec print black and what crop top. blue jeans and some combat heels.

            When i got there people would stare and whisper my teacher sat me next to a kid named Zayn Malik. people would whisper things like 'i feel bad for you' or 'eww that is nasty glad im not her'. What the said was cruel. There was nothing wrong with him. He was handsome but he had a look on his face. He looked like he was scared of something. so i talked to him.

"why are thay so mean to you" i asked he seemed shocked. He didnt answer he just kept staring at me. Finally he answered.

"its because im poor, aribac, i sing and draw" They were too hard on this kid.  "it doesnt matter. I can tell by the way the they stare at you you will be just like them. The other boys are already talking about you" he frowned. What he said kinda hurt my feelings.

"I'm NOT like that mate. I look for the good in people NOT the bad" When i said that his face brightened. From that day on i was able to tell we were gonna be best friends.

"By the way I'm Vanessa, but you can call me Nessa" i said holding my hand out. 

"Zayn" he smirked. 

After each class boys would flirt or touch my bum. They would say things like "Get away from that dork. you want a real man like me" or "That is a girl and im a boy do you like the difference" I would respond by saying "Stop i know your just trying to hide the fact that you have a pussy" or " shut up before i kick your ass". after that people would leave us alone. Zayn and i had 4 classes together.

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