is this meant to last

My name is Vanessa. I was born and raised in Bradford, London. i dated Harry Styles and Zayn Malik before the became famous. What will happen when we met again. who will Vanessa choose? (This is for the one Directon contest.)


5. july 23 2010

On july 2010 vanessaa

i was flipping through the channels and heard harrys name. i stopped and saw zayn and harry. i immediantly went on you tube and looked them up the were on the tv show called x factor. as days went on i noticed the posted viedo diarys. when asked is there was anyone speacil the just shook there heads and said no they both did. on of the questions were who was the last person you loved zayn and harry both said my name at the same time. the lokked confused. 

"do you think it was the same girl" louis asked they just said no.


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