Anonymous to Famous

Samantha Emily Gnomes is a very simple girl who works at a call center with 4 other friends; living a very simple life until one day a call from someone goes too far..
What happens when The One Direction boys try and date normal girls?
Read and Find out <3 <3

(A One Direction Fan Fic) - Don't mind the cover. It has Fifth Harmony but that's just to represent 5 girls in the story..


3. On Air


I can see that all of us (except for Samantha) are dreaming of being those girls dating One Direction. IF I ever get that chance, I go for Liam. He's my cutie.. It would be awesome meeting them. There is 5 of us and 5 of them. Liam is Mine, Zayn is Emma, Harry is Chelsea, Louis is Nicole and that only leaves Zayn. Its not like we don't like him but I personally think that Niall and Samantha would make a good couple. They are really similar. They both like blonde hair, they both eat a lot of food and never get fat, they both can sing (all 5 of us girls can), and they both like wrestling. And Sam is crazy about wrestling. I dont think she finds it true though.. She thinks its just a rumour but IF Niall likes WWE then Sam should TOTALLY go with him. Haha. That would be good.. (In your dreams Stephanie)..


Like all of us, excluding Sam, I am too excited. I want to do something about this dating thing and I can see all the others do as well but we wont say anything. We listen to Sam. She's the oldest, nicest, kindest, prettiest.. She's the most awesome friend EVER. We are all mostly close to her. Any problems and we all go to her. But Sam isnt crazy about 1D like us so somehow..

''1 minute to go guys. Headphones on'' Sam said as she put her headphones on.

We are about to be on air but I really want to see 1D and I cant get over it so at Dinner, we MUST talk to Sam about this. Its serious. We all want to see 1D. Bad but not sure how we will talk to Sam about it..

''10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1''.. Start the calls!

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