Anonymous to Famous

Samantha Emily Gnomes is a very simple girl who works at a call center with 4 other friends; living a very simple life until one day a call from someone goes too far..
What happens when The One Direction boys try and date normal girls?
Read and Find out <3 <3

(A One Direction Fan Fic) - Don't mind the cover. It has Fifth Harmony but that's just to represent 5 girls in the story..


1. Getting ready for work

Its 6 in the morning.. its chilly outside. WOW, I think to myself as I look at the sun which just came out. The morning looks beautiful. Everything looks so- so- so quiet and calm and peace.. It Autumn here in Australia. Sitting here in the balcony of my 5 bedroom house, I never really realised how calm this world is..

''Sam! Where are you??!!'' Is my breakfast ready??!!'' 


This concludes my calm and quiet morning.. I live in a 5 bedroom house and I would be dumb to say this was such a quiet morning cause that is the sound of none other than my four annoying, super crazy and cool friends..There is just 5 of us. We live together like sisters. I am the oldest and then there is Chelsea, Nicole, Stephanie and Emma. But I am still a twelvie. Am the oldest but I look the youngest and am nowhere near mature for my age (which is 20 by the way; co- incidently the same as everyone's.. Just the difference of months)..


''Sam??!!" Are you awake??!!

''Yes Em, I am awake, I was just about to make breakfast..'' I said in a weird tone (something just happened to my voice) 

''Could you please get ready? Why am I the mature one here?!'' What time is it??- Emma has a thing for yelling..

''I also don't understand why you act so mature, I am already ready and the exact time now is 6:10!'' (Thank God my voice is back to normal)

After replying to Emma, I heard the shower so I understood she was gone in the shower. I better get fully ready before the others.. With me, I don't take too much time at all in anything SPECIALLY appearances. I just had to get ready quickly for work. I did my hair in a bun to get some curls, while I wore a green tank top, black jeans and black converse- my favorite. Now the hair, I opened my bun and brushed my hair and then just a ponytail is good enough for me.

Now that I am ready, time to get the others. As I walked out of my room, I couldn't hear the shower so I knew that Em had come out. Its 6:20. I better wake up Nicole, Stephanie and Chelsea. When I went into Chelsea's beautiful bedroom, I heard the noise of the shower and hair dryer so that's good news. Chelsea's awake. Just gotta wake up Steph and Nikki (Stephanie and Nicole).

''Wake up sleepyhead!'' UP!! Get up Stephanie, its 6:25!! We have to get to work by 7;15 or else we will be in BIG trouble! GET UP!! When it comes to sleeping, Stephanie is the best at it. You give her one day off and she will just sleep the whole day. It's impossible to wake her up..

''Stephanie if you don't wake up, your beautiful- smelling- Cherry Lip gloss is going in the bin!'' - I knew that would wake her up and how right I was.. She jumped out of bed and ran in the shower. Steph is someone who loves looking her best. 

I go out to the kitchen and realise that everyone is awake which is a relief cause I don't want to lose my job. I love it for good; I think to myself while flipping over pancakes. And before I know it, I am eating all of them!

*15 Minutes Later*

We all were done with breakfast. I liked the pancakes today.. YUM!

Thank God we were all ready on time today because our Boss is nice but super strict with timing. 1 more late day and we would've been fired! 

On the way to work, we were just listening to One Direction. I am not a huge fan of them but I must say they sing pretty good for Irish men.

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