One Piece: Treasures of the Heart

Yoshiko Takara is Luffy's childhood friend and the daughter of "Red Haired" Shanks Le Roux. Shanks made sure she kept her mother's maiden name so his enemies and the Navy wouldn't find out about her. She is very gifted with a blade and is a Devil Fruit user. Takara's Ryu-Ryu fruit gives her the abilities of a dragon; including breathing fire, growing a pair of leathery wings, and forming scale like armor over her skin. She creates a strong bond with Roronoa Zoro, promising to protect him so he can pursue his dream of becoming the world's greatest swordsman. Will she keep that promise? Or will a shadow from her past tear them apart?


1. Friends of the Past

Like any other day on the Thousand Sunny, it was busy for everyone. Robin had decided to help Nami chart a course for the next island, Sanji was down below cooking lunch while at the same time keeping Luffy out of the kitchen, Franky and Usopp made some minor calibration adjustments to the weapon systems, Brooke joined Chopper for a walk in the forest they had lay anchor beside, and Zoro was up above in the crows nest working out.

The green haired swordsman lifted his weights without much difficulty. He continuously made swinging motions, as though he was holding one of his blades. Suddenly, he heard a great crash from down below.

"What the hell?!"

As he opened the window and leaned out, he saw Luffy stuff the last portion of that night's dinner down his throat. Sanji, red with anger, bore down upon his laughing captain.

"Why you little shit," he scowled, "you just ate that entire three course meal!"

"The meat was the best," the black haired boy giggled, "make some more, Sanji! More meat! More meat!"

"There is no more meat! You ate all!"


Lighting a cigarette, Sanji looked around. Suddenly, his gaze found Zoro.

"Oi, Mosshead," he called, "go hunt for food. Take Luffy with you, and for god sakes keep him AWAY from the village!"

The swordsman scowled, "Don't tell me shit I already know, you perverted cook!"

The blonde gave a smirk and returned to the kitchen to see if he could salvage anything.


"I can't believe you ate all our food," Zoro sighed, walking calmly down the deer trail they had found, "Where the hell do you fit it?"

His captain merely laughed and scouted ahead for any signs of meat. The boys walked for many minutes, neither saying much aside from Luffy's occasional burst of whistling. Zoro soon began to think of the numerous ways he could get back at Sanji for sticking him on babysitting duty. Suddenly, saw buildings through the trees. The town, which lay on the other side of the island, was a popular stopping point for the Navy and bounty hunters. A few years ago, Zoro would have gladly stopped in a town like this. Not that he was complaining about being a pirate. His life had been turned completely upside down the day he met Luffy. His new found Nakama continued to grow with each new day, and he wouldn't trade any of them for the world. He stopped a moment to think.

Yeah...I guess that means Sanji, too.

"Come on Luffy," he said, turning around, "we don't want any trouble today."

"That didn't stop them."

Confused, Zoro turned to see his captain pointing to a group of men standing in a circle around something hanging from a nearby tree. Taking a closer look the swordsman realized it was a net holding a small person. She looked younger than him with crimson red hair and blazing emerald eyes. She wore a red and white striped belly shirt, cargo shorts, yellow-green scarf, black shoes, and a tan newsboy cap.

"You know, Takara," one of the men smirked, "Lieutenant Kamisaki didn't appreciate you treating him that way. He was highly offended when you refused his lunch invitation."

"Well, I'm highly offended that you thought this flimsy net could hold me," the girl smirked, crossing her arms, "so I guess we're even."

Zoro smiled and Luffy gave a loud laugh. The four men surrounding the net turned their way, the Navy uniforms becoming easy to identify.

"Four men to catch one girl," Zoro smirked, "boy, the Navy has really gone downhill, eh Luffy?"

Luffy merely laughed harder.

"Hey pal," the head officer scowled, "scram. This is official Navy business."

"Apparently turning down a date invitation from a Navy Lieutenant is against the law now," the girl chuckled, "these idiots were merely making an arrest."

Suddenly, the officer drew the short sword he had been holding, "Watch your tongue, or lose it on the blade of your own sword."


Startled by Zoro's sudden firmness, they all turned to stare at him.

"It's bad enough you're treating a woman this way, but I will not stand by as a fellow swordsman is threatened with her own blade."

Drawing his three swords, Zoro quickly tied his bandanna into place. The officers gasped as they recognized the technique of Roronoa Zoro, the wanted pirate.

Luffy noticed his crew mate become serious, telling him to either stand back or help him.

"Luffy," Zoro's growls sounded low behind his sword hilt, "Sanji will kill us if we don't bring back some meat soon. What do you say we finish these guys off quickly?"

"I can finish them in one blow!"

"Fine," a smirk appeared on the green haired boy's face, "but leave the one with the sword for me."

"Sure," Luffy prepared himself for an easy fight, "Gomu-Gomu* No: Gatling Gun!"

The girl's jaw dropped as the officers fell one by one, leaving Zoro with the one holding her sword.

"You hurt my sword, and I'll kick your ass!"

"Please," the officer smirked, "you act as though it has feelings. It can't speak! It is nothing more than an inanimate object used as a tool by others."

"So are you, but we've been talking all day."

Luffy couldn't stop his laughter, and soon he was clutching his sides. The girl turned to smirk at him, freezing when se noticed the scar beneath his eye.

"Luffy?! Monkey D. Luffy, is that YOU?!"

He stopped, staring hard at the girl's face. He could have sworn he'd seen her somewhere before. Suddenly, she gave him a bright smile and he saw it; the hair, the shape of her eyes, the chin, and even the nose.

"Yoshiko Takara!?"

"I knew it," she squealed, "I knew that was you."

As Luffy helped her down, Zoro found himself watching the touching scene unfold before him. The two hugged each other tightly, laughing the whole time. As he continued to watch, he felt the presence of the officer creep up on him. The Navy man raised the sword and swung it down upon his enemy. Not needing to even look at the man, Zoro deflected the blow while at the same time disarming his opponent. The sword landed beside its owner, who pick it up and checked to make sure it was fine.

"You hold a sword like you treat a lady," he scowled, "lousy."

Throwing the scabbard aside, the officer raised his hands in defeat. Takara sheathed her weapon and glared at the officer.

"You can tell that oaf, Lieutenant Kamisaki," she warned, "that the next time he takes my sword, I'll take his head!"

"You do this and you'll be a wanted criminal. You'll be hunted to the ends of the earth, Yoshiko Takara. Dragon or not."

"Dragon," Luffy looked wildly around, "where!?"

Takara laughed, "It's been years, Luffy. I'm a little...different then when you saw me last. I'm known as Takara the Dragon now."

"Why's that?"

"This is why," Takara smirked, the inside of her throat beginning to glow as she turned towards the officer, "Ryu-Ryu** No: Dragon Burst!"

A giant stream of fire erupted from her mouth, hitting the man square in his chest and sending him flying backwards into some bushes and out of sight. As Zoro and his captain each took a step back in shock, Takara faced them with a smile of satisfaction on her face.

"I ate the Ryu-Ryu Devil Fruit," she said, "now I'm like you."





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