Her life changed

This is the story when when a girl named Lea was on a one direction concert with her boyfriend Tom, but they break up right after the concert, but Lea dosen't have a car and hats going to happend then.......
A big suprise is waiting for her!

Hello everyone This is my first story hope you'll like it!!


1. The concert


  Lea, thats you a girl that loves one direction, you're friendly, funny and you got a boyfriend named Tom.

  You were on a one direction concert thogether, you had lots of fun, you were singing and dancing all the time. But not Tom he didn't enjoy it at all, he heated one direction and their music too. He waited for the concert to end so you could go home.

  The concert ended you and Tom were walking hand in hand to his car. It was a big silence Tom didn't want to talk, but then you broke the silence.

 - It was beautiful tonight at the concert. Did you like it? I said they were good.- Lea said with the happiest face a directioner can have.

- They suck why do you even like them?- he said pissed. It was coming tears all over your face.

- oh, Lea I'm really sorry- he said hugging you. That really maked you feel better, but him hugging you was too much. You didn't like Tom that way, but when he asked you on a date for the first time you couldn't say no, couse he was your friends brother and she wanted you guys to date so bad thats why. Then you pulled away. He didn't sa anything but when you came to the car he asked you

- Do you think they are hot?

- Yes- you said without thinking!

He was so pissed

- Really then this guy you look at is not your boyfriend anymore, I mean how could you say that I'm your boyfriend not one of those guys!- he said leaving

- Find another way to go home- he added. You didn't know what to do, he left so fast, you couldn't go home, call your mom or taxi couse your phone didn't have battery. You sat down on a bench and you were waiting for someone to come so it could help you. You laid down waiting.

Like two hours later you saw a man on the left side and some young boys on the right side. You found that man old, you thought that he is kind and maybe those boys could hurt you. So you walked to the old man and asked

- hello, can you please call a taxi for me?- you were a little bit scared when you asked.

But he was drunk and tried to attack you. You were so scared and you fainted, but the young boys saved you from the old man. They were one direction.

Liam lifted you, Harry took your things and they were going to the tour bus.

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