Her life changed

This is the story when when a girl named Lea was on a one direction concert with her boyfriend Tom, but they break up right after the concert, but Lea dosen't have a car and hats going to happend then.......
A big suprise is waiting for her!

Hello everyone This is my first story hope you'll like it!!


2. meeting the boys


Liam lifted you, Harry took your things and they were going to the tour bus.


1 hour later you woke up Zayn was waching you , Harry was making some sandwiches, Louis was making some tea, while Liam and Niall were searching for clothes that you could wear.

You were a little bit scared, but then you heard a familiar vocie

- The tea is ready- It was Louis with his cute accent, you had a crush on him from the beggining but Tom didn't know. Then you jumped up happy but a little bit scared.

- Hey guys, she is awake!!!- Zayn said happy. The boys came in the room I was so happy it was like a dream come true.

- Hello, whats your name, Im Niall- Niall said with hes irish accent.

- Hello, Im Lea and I know, I was at your concert!- You said

- Lea are you ok and what happend after the concert- Lian said worried.

- It's a long story, my phone died and I couldn't call my mom to pick me up and I asked that man if he could call a taxi but he just attacked me!!!- you said. You didn't want to talk about Tom with them couse you like Louis. Then Louis said:

- AND WE SAVED YOU- holding his hand up like superman.

You all started to laugh but you wasn't suprised at all you knew Louis would say something funny.

- Hehe and thanks for saving me guys- You said couldn't stop laughing

- Ok let's eat- Niall said holding his stomach.

-Ya you have to try my special sandwiches I call them Lea sandwich!!- Harry said. You all started to eat and talking how awsome it was on the concert.

You were all done and then Louis said :

-Lets play truth or dare- everyone agreed

- But Lea put

on these Pyjamas I and Niall bougth for you- Liam said thinking they will fit.

- Thank you, but these are to small for me sorry-You said with a sad face.

- But you can have mine, I've got two pairs- Louis said. You looked so happy that moment. He was so cute and the pyjamas to they were with pigeons you loved them.

So Zayn started asking

- Liam truth or dare?- he asked

- Dare-Liam answers

- Ok, untill the end of the game you have to call me master- zayn said

-Ok..... Master- Liam said

-Lea truth or dare?- Liam asked

-Truth- you said

The other guys said

- Boo, Truth is for losers- they said

-Ok, how is the hottest from all of us?- Liam asked

- But don't get mad!- You said

- We won't - They said

- Umm, Louis- You said

-Yes- Louis said whispering

- Niall truth or dare- You asked

- Ok truth but only this time- he said

-Ok, what is more inportant for you singing or nice looking?- you asked

- Singing then I get loved for my voice not for how I look- he said

-Louis truth or dare- Niall asked

-Dare- he said

- I dare you to kiss Lea-Niall started laugh

- in the dressing room for 10 minutes- he added

Liam was a little bit pissed cause he had a crush on you. You were so happy.

You walked in to the room with Louis

- you know i really like you- he said a little bit shy for the first time

- I like you too- you said hugging him

- Ok lets do this then- he said not shy anymore

He put his soft lips on yours and slowly start exploring every corner of you. He kissed you on your neck and then you gave him a passionate kiss on the mouth. After that the time was over

You and Louis walked out hand in hand.

You played some other games and 30 minutes later you went to sleep. You were sleeping on the couch.

1 hour later Louis came and hugged you. You were hugging all night giving each other some kisses on the neck.

- Will you be my girlfriend?- He asked and gave you a kiss.

- Yes- you said.

And you guys were together all night.

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