Stuck with Me

"Some people can make such an impact on your life. They stick with you forever, like a stain on your favorite shirt. No matter how much you wash it and scrub, it never leaves. It becomes an item that's shoved in the back of your closet, it becomes forgotten. That's what Cameron did to me."

When Karissa falls in love with the school's poster child she finds out what lies behind the perfect smile and super model good looks. As Cameron's problems progressively get worse, Karissa's love for him deepens. Does Karissa bite off to much to chew or will she stay and support Cameron?


7. Seven




           After I tried chasing Cameron down, I never found him. I was happy to see that he didn't switch out of any of my classes though. We still had senior health together, the only difference was that now we barley even made eye contact. I never meant to hurt him, and I was too much of a coward to say anything to him after the day that it happened. Maybe I just thought that maybe the whole ordeal would magically go away and we'd go back to the way things were before. Too bad they didn't. It was Friday when I decided that I finally had enough with this awkward silence. Before third period health I made it my mission to find him and confront him. He was standing in a circle with Nick and Derek with his arm snaked around Juliana's waist.. I felt my blood boil inside my veins. When Juliana caught sight of me she stood on her tip toes and kissed Cameron on his jawline, making him laugh but he didn't really pay any mind to her. I went to turn on my heel when I realized that maybe me and Cameron's friendship (if there ever even was one to begin with) wasn't salvageable. 

        "Hey Karissa!" Nick called. I rolled my eyes and turned back around. It had been at least since 10th grade when me and Nick last spoke. I forced a fake smile on my face and walked up to them, my health text book under one arm.

        "Hey guys what's up?" I asked as I tried not to make eye contact with Cameron. I should've never came over here.

         "There's a party tonight you should come," Derek suggested. "It's going to be at Cameron's house." I felt awkward to not be invited by the host but whatever. Cameron wasn't objecting to Derek's suggestion so why not. I shrugged my shoulders.

          "Sure...yeah...I'll go," I stammered. "Would it be okay if I invited on of my friends?" I asked pointing my question towards Cameron. 

          "I don't care," He said blankly. Okay. Great, then I was going to being Kaylee. 

          "Cool," I said turning around to walk away. Just then the bell rang signaling the official start of third period. I cursed under my breath as I walked in Mrs. Parillo's class room. Everyone was looking at me and Cameron followed. Mrs. Parillo looked at us her arms crossed over her chest. She was pissed and she wanted an explanation and we had to come up with one fast enough before she handed us both after school detention slips. I had nothing and apparently neither did Cameron because Mrs. Parillo walked over to her desk and wrote out two detention slips. We were both assigned to the conference room. 

        "But Mrs. Parillo, I have debate team meeting today at four." Cameron lied. I knew he was lying, there was never any after school meetings on Friday.

        "Shoul've thought about that before you decided to show up late to my class," She said handing him his slip. He gave Mrs. Parillo a forgiving smile, as if she did something wrong. 

        "It won't happen again Mrs. Parillo," Cameron said surrendering and taking his usual seat. I was pissed off. I got humiliated in front of the whole class and now I have after school detention with Cameron. This day was turning out great so far. 






      As I trudge to the cafeteria for dinner Healy rushes up to my side. "How terrible was your visit?" She asks. I don't make eye contact with her as I take my spot on the line. The gossip that flows through the cafeteria most days is unbearable but right now it's the best thing that could happen to me right now. I don't have enough silence to actually focus on my visit with Cameron today, which for right now is a good thing. "Well?" Healy presses. She's still here? I sigh and then I look at her. 

     "What makes you think I had a bad visit today?" I ask her. A Spanish woman from behind the food bar piles on mashed potatoes on my tray. 

     "Stop playing lawyer with me. What happened?" She asks.

     " I don't feel like talking about it," I say through my teeth. Healy back up into someone else in line and then she gets shoved back.

     "I just wanted to help you out Berch," Healy says sympathetically.

     "If I needed help I'd ask, and trust me...I wouldn't be asking you," I say harshly. My words come out a lot more mean than I intended and the last thing that I wanted to do was start a fight with anyone in prison but I really wasn't in the mood for questions that I didn't even have the answers to. I turn back around to get my serving of meat loaf. Just as I went to walk to my table to sit down and eat my food, I'm being pulled back by my hair and my face is being shoved into the glass that protects the food. I stumble back to my feet. 

      "I don't deserve your shit Berch!" Healy yells as she send me back down to the floor as she kicks me in legs. I hit the floor with a crash and my head hits hard against the white and black tile. Instead of trying to help the poor little girl laying on the floor getting her ass beat, everyone else just continues on with getting food in their trays. I take a few more kicks to my ribs before I finally find it in me to stand up. As I stand up I clench my side and lunge towards her sending her to the floor. I straddle on top of her chest as I punch her. Every time I went to raise my arm to deliver a punch it hurt. Something was wrong, I knew it but I didn't care. I was able to punch her five more times before I was being pulled off of Healy. She lay there unconscious her face a bloody mess. Everyone is staring at me as I'm being pulled away. I know I should feel victorious, I made my point not to mess with me. But I can't help but feel sorry for Healy as she lays there...and the worst thing that I realize is...I'm becoming a complete and total monster.

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