Stuck with Me

"Some people can make such an impact on your life. They stick with you forever, like a stain on your favorite shirt. No matter how much you wash it and scrub, it never leaves. It becomes an item that's shoved in the back of your closet, it becomes forgotten. That's what Cameron did to me."

When Karissa falls in love with the school's poster child she finds out what lies behind the perfect smile and super model good looks. As Cameron's problems progressively get worse, Karissa's love for him deepens. Does Karissa bite off to much to chew or will she stay and support Cameron?


5. Five

       "So what do you have planned?" I asked Cameron as I stared out into sea of empty seats. Cameron made his way over to the edge of the stage and say down. I started towards him but he didn't look at me. He just stared out at the seats.

         "Do you ever just want to just to be alone?" He asked still not looking at me. I shrugged my shoulders and thought about it for a moment. Although being alone would be nice sometimes I couldn't imagine always being alone. Then again, I did have my brief moments of solitude in my bed room when I blare my music and sing. I guess Cameron never got alone time. Always being harassed by teachers and principals, I remember thinking that maybe it wasn't so great to be Cameron.

           "I mean I have my moments, why do you?" I asked him sitting down next to him. He turned to face me his deep brown eyes looking into mine.

             "If I could I'd be alone all the time. I never asked to be the schools spokes person." He said. I started to feel sorrier for him but then again I was sort of pissed in a way. Not saying that he didn't deserve all the recognition but there were plenty of other people who deserved it too who would love all the attention he got. I guess I would never truly understand, I never got unwanted attention. Maybe it all just became too much for him.

                "Well you're a pretty good spokes person," I joked playfully punching him in his right arm. He laughed and placed his hand in top if mine. I held my breath when his warm skin touched mine. I just looked at him and he looked right back at me.

                "Thank you." Cameron said. "Look I know that we don't really know each other on a personal level but for some reason I feel a weird sense of comfort when I'm with you...even when you're accusing me of being a drug dealer."



***Present Day***


                You'd think that after being in prison you'd learn your lesson and you'd spend everyday of your prison life regretting what you did. But for me, I still don't even know what I did. I mean, only after I was arrested. It was like any normal day for me and then the police came knocking in my door, I was hand cuffed and shipped off the my new home.


               "What is going on?" I cried to the police officer as I sat handcuffed in the back seat.

               "You're getting arrested and you're going to prison." The officer said going a solid 80 miles per hour.

                 "Are you able to tell me what for?" I asked l. At that point it could've been anything. I didn't even know why I was getting arrested in the first place.

                 "Someone reported you to the Feds about your involvement in a drug cartel," the police officer said. "I'm sorry honey but that's the only thing I can really tell you. Ask your counselors all the questions you want when you get to prison." The police officer said.

                  "Where are you taking me?" I asked him.

"Riverhead, from there you'll board a bus and you'll be taken upstate." I sighed heavily. He stood me up. That bastard. He stood me up, they were catching on and to lead them off his case he pushed them into my direction. I thought he said that he loved me.

                   We were in Riverhead within minuets and the police officer was unbuckling his seat belt and was taking me out of the back seat holding me by my arm leading me towards the jail. We walked in through a back door where I was greeted by a woman. I looked at the officer who drove me here and although he brought me to the absolute worst place I felt almost sad to watch him leave.

                "Here's some advice. Don't make friends there. Stay to yourself, and don't get involved with drama." The police officer said before he pivoted on his heels out of the small room. I watched the officer walk out and listened to the heavy metal door slam behind him. I then appointed my attention at the woman who was standing in front of me with what seemed to be orange slacks.

                  "I'm going to need you to strip and then bend over," the woman said. What the fuck? I hesitantly started to peel off my clothes until they were all in a heap next to me. "Bend over now as far as you can," the woman said annoyed. As awkward as the situation already was with the fact that I was naked in front of a complete and total stranger, I proceeded to bend over. The woman got a small pocket flash light and looked at my...yeah and I felt like crying but this wasn't even the hardest part. "Okay you're good." I stand up.

                   "Now lift up your arms," I raised my arms above my head as the woman looked under my armpits."Open your mouth, and stick out your tongue." The woman slapped on a pair of latex gloves and pulled out a Popsicle looking stick out of her pocket and pulled down my tongue and looked down my throat. Then she stuck both her fingers in her mouth and checked the inside if my cheeks and my upper and lower lips. She then picked up a clip board.

                   "Do you have a history of drugs?"


                   "Any allergies?"


                   "Medical problems?"

                   "I get bad migraines sometimes," I replied.

                   "Are you sexually active?"


                    "Any STD's."

                    "Not as far as I'm concerned."

                   "Great," she said putting down the clip board. "Now put these on and if you need to use the bathroom use it now because your going to be driving for a long time until you get to Cocksackie."


                    Now this place is where is when I've been residing for the past two months, and I've taken that officers advice. I mean some people I talk to of course but I've got not friends. Inside of prison and outside of prison. My sister Scarlette hasn't visited me, Kaylee keeps saying that she will but she still hasn't. My mom has seen me once, and she says that she won't see me that often cause she "hates seeing me like this." Well yeah me too me too. I never asked to be in here. As I go to open my notebook, my counselor was unlocking my cell. 


                   "Berch someone made a call to you from my office. You know I'm not supposed to let you take calls but it sounds urgent. I hop off my bunk and follow behind Mr. Montey to his office. When we got there he closed the door behind me and locked it, then he sat down in his leather chair and picked up the phone.


                    "Okay, here she is." He said handing the phone to me. 


                    "Hello..." There was a long pause on the other end and I almost thought that I was being pranked until I heard someone clear their throat on the other line.


                    "Hey Karissa, it's me...Cam." My heart started to race and if u weren't in prison I'd chuck this phone across the room but I stifled my anger in the pit of my stomach. "I miss you," he said. 


                    "Add me to your visiting list. I have some things that I need to explain to you..." He says. I cupped my hands over my eyes and sighed heavily, tears began to roll down my cheeks. 

"What is there to explain Cameron? The reason why I'm here is cause of you," I say angrily. "Why did you do this to me Cameron? I trusted you, I let my guard down for you, I fell in live wit-"


                   "Karissa I know but it wasn't me dammit! I'd never do that to you Karissa. What kind of person do you think I am? I think I know who did this. You just need to add my to your visiting list so I can explain this all to you in person." Cameron says. Harvard was rubbing off on him. The old Cameron would've been screaming at me by now.


                   "Fine, then give me your number and I'll call you when I find out whether or not you were put on my list." I say. 


                    "Okay.." Cameron went on to recite his number as I jotted it down on a post it not on the counselors desk. "Thank you Karissa, for giving me a second chance." Cameron says, pain in his voice. 


                    "Yeah, I can't wait to see you Cameron." I say feeling weak. 


                     "I love you." Cameron says. 


                      "Okay," I say hanging up the phone. 




                "I know. I'm really sorry about that. I'm happy that you still talk to me though," I said licking my lips.

                "No, don't be sorry. I thought about it after our date and it must've seemed a little sketchy." Cameron said. I laughed nervously a little to hard and Cameron joined in on the laughter.

                "Karissa?" Cameron asked.


                "Have you ever been in love?" He asked. Immediately my mind went to Ashton, a boy who I had a crush in since seventh grade and when we finally dated in tenth it was like my wish had come true. He was a great boyfriend, everything that I had imagined he'd be. It was the best year and a half of my life until I found out he was moving to Ohio. The thought of him almost brought me to tears but I held it in.

                 "Yeah, I'd say I was. Have you?" I asked him.

                "I loved Juliana, but she was missing something... I don't know what it was though. She wants to get back together but I just don't see it being a good idea." Cameron said.

                "Do you still love her?" I asked him.

                "I mean I love what we uses to be." He said. I nodded my head in understanding. "Who was your first love?"

                  "Ashton Myers," I said feeling guilty. Was? It feels like it Ashton and I were a life time ago, centuries ago. Only if I think hard enough, I could picture his face his lips and they way they'd trail down my neck down to my collar bone. I really did miss him thinking about it.

                    "I can tell that you really lived him just by the way you said his name." Cameron said. I tried to stifle my tears but they rolled down my cheek. Cameron's hand cupped my cheek and wiped away my tears as they continued to roll down my face. The warmth of his hand was so comforting and it just made me sadder knowing how long it's actually been since someone has shown my affection. I missed the feeling of being loved, even if it wasn't true.

                     "Hey, don't cry. Ashton wouldn't want you to be crying," Cameron said. He was right, Ashton probably wouldn't want me crying over him, if he even still thought about me. He was probably out living his life, dating other people and then there was me being alone. I'm not going to lie I wasn't exactly miserable without him. The first couple of months I missed him but then I got over it.

                     "Why don't you find someone new to be with?" Cameron suggested. I shook my head as I sobbed. Cameron gathered me in his arms and rubbed my back.

                      "I feel like I'd be betraying him." I cried into his shoulder.

                      "What's there to be guilty about? You guys aren't together anymore." Cameron said. I hugged Cameron tighter as if he' slip through my fingers like sand.

                      "Nothing I guess," I said wiping my face. I forced a smile. "I thought I moved on but I guess I never did."

                      "It's okay, that's why you've got me to help you out." Cameron said with a big bright smile.

                       "Oh so now you're helping me out?" I said sarcastically.

                       "Only if you need it," Cameron said. It was like there was two magnets pulling us closer together. Cameron pushed my hair out of my face and when our lips met it was like ecstasy. Our universes collided and everything seemed right. We weren't together which was the best part. It was just an innocent kiss. We weren't kissing because we were together and that's what couples are 'supposed' to do. We were kissing because everything felt right, and because... We liked each other. Cameron's tongue slithered into my mouth and out mouths were in sync with one another. He was so experienced compared to how Ashton was and although it meant that he had enough people to practice on, it was still a turn on to have someone to be able to lead the way instead of awkwardly fumbling on what to do next.

                        Cameron's hands found my waist and pulled me closer to him and he started to kiss me harder. When we pulled away out of breath, Cameron's mouth went for my neck and once his lips made contact the bell rang. I was so pissed off and I just looked at Cameron blankly.

                        "Well Karissa, it was nice kissing you," Cameron said getting up and walking out of the auditorium. 




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