Secret Weapon

A high school girl, the X-men an the Brotherhood of Evil mutants. What could go wrong? A lot apparently since the girl can borrow any ability from anyone. Could this week get any worse?
The chapters are split into 4 characters
When there's speaking at the very beginning and it doesn't specify who it is, it's the chapter character
I started writing this before i saw Days of Future Past. So it's going to be weird


4. Wolverine

"Sabertooth! GO!" Magneto yelled. 

Sabertooth's face light up with a sadistic smile as he ran out the door he had entered through.

"Wolverine follow her!" Cyclops ordered, shooting a beam at Toad as he launched for an attack.

"Why me?" Wolverine ducked as Avalanche tried to tackle him.

"Because you've got the best sense of smell. Now go!" Cyclops answered him.

"Fine." Wolverine ran through the front doors. He caught the girl's scent on the wind. And ran toward the North woods in the park. He ran for another 2 minutes before he found the kid.

She screamed. Sabertooth was tying to climb the tree she was obviously in.

"Shit," Wolverine said to himself. "He found her first."

He could see that she had grabbed a leaf. And it was flaming purple. Like what happened with Gambit and his cards.

She kept throwing them at Sabertooth. After a while they stopped flaming and she fell, unconscious, toward the ground. Both men ran for their target. She was about to impact when a white streak appeared out of nowhere and caught her.

"Quicksilver." Sabertooth growled.

"Magneto sent me in case anything went wrong, Which it obviously did."

"Well you aren't getting away with her." Wolverine lunged for Quicksilver, who dodged and ran back to the school, leaving wolverine locked in a wrestling match with Sabertooth in the middle of the Central Park woods.


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