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  • Published: 10 Jul 2014
  • Updated: 24 Jul 2014
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(SEQUEL TO G. R. E. E. N) It becomes clear to Lucy (Emma), Dixon and Bernie that they have to act fast to reveal G. R. E. E. N. But out of the blue, another book is published by what is later found out to be by a secret MI5 group, the book being name: 'G. R. E. E. N SQUARED.'
Inside are the codes for each shade, but they need to be decoded. The race is on to find those who used to work for the old organisation as well as the algorithm to decode the shades with the help of MI5.
While negative emotions ensnare the group, as Dixon feels responsible for Roach's death, Lucy battles to find the truth about her father, and unknowingly the truths about herself.
As more find the three knowing knowledge of G. R. E. E. N, it seems they may have a small forceful army against them, only to find at the end Lucy's enigmatic secret is revealed, putting the world in danger, as it becomes real to their horror that G. R. E. E. N may never be exposed…


5. 'When With MI5,' Group Discussion and Suspicions Arise



   After half an hour or so in the helicopter (in silence) they landed on top of a large building with tinted glass windows, lined with thick black frames. Silhouetted were men and women sitting at desks, tapping away at computers. The Helicopter rose and landed on the roof, and winds swept past Lucy, Bernie, Dixon, Megra and Lanlo as they climbed out of the helicopter. The building in front stretched near to the height of the Shard, which they could see in the distance, in the thick of the London skyline. It was a typical building in a solid cuboid structure but its dark colour and windows made it stand out from the rest of the buildings London had to offer. Megra immediately began to walk out in front, but Lucy, Dixon and Bernie seemed more reluctant.

  "Stands out a bit, doesn't it?" Lucy asked, as she thought herself the master of disguise. Megra turned around in confusion.

  "How can something stand out if it is underground?" Megra looked at Lanlo and laughed confusedly before they began to walk toward the entrance into the building, which was a bolted metal door, "Come on." Lanlo walked in front of Dixon, Bernie and Lucy as the three had a quick group discussion.

   "Luce, where are we going with this?" Dixon asked, worried about what might happen.

   "Wherever it takes us. G. R. E. E. N are more active than ever, and if you want evidence of that have a look for my dead sister. We have to go with Megra. She's the only lead we've got."

   "She's got a point Dick." Bernie chipped in laughing.

   "Bernie, I think you should shut your face, seen as though your best interest is in her backside rather than staying alive." Dixon shot at Bernie, who ignored him as all three stopped walking.

   "Listen to me both of you. We stick together when we go in there. We have each others backs. I'm not messing about. I'm trusting you with my life," Lucy glanced at Dixon for a second, "Don't mess it up like Roach's."

   "You coming then!" Megra shouted from the door, which she pushed open. Her and Lanlo stood waiting for them, and she raised her eyebrows.

   "Roger that!" Dixon shouted, as Lucy looked at him with a grimace, "Well, when with MI5." The three walked forward, over the step and into the building. Lights flickered on, as a grimy stairwell twisted downward. Up ahead was an old lift, and the general feel of it was quite ominous. Megra and Lanlo stood on the other side of the door, and the three turned when she spoke.

   "I have something to discuss with Lanlo, do you mind if I-" Lucy forced her arm out and into the door, holding it still.

   "This door doesn't close. You don't want us to hear, you walk away." Megra bowed, and gestured to Lanlo to walk. They did, and Lucy watched them go suspiciously.

   "Just so you know, " Lucy started to Dixon and Bernie, "Just because I'm going with her doesn't mean I trust her. God knows what they are talking about."


   Megra and Lanlo walked up to the edge of the roof, which had no bar or safety, and Megra peered over the edge. Lanlo looked uncomfortable as Megra's orangey red hair fluttered in the wind and hung over the edge of building.

   "Do you feel sometimes your heart falls as far as the building when you're upset?"

   "Yes. Sometimes." Megra stopped smiling, leaned back and stared at Lanlo with a face of stone, "My face fell when I saw this." She handed him a small envelope and he quickly opened it. Lanlo's eyes widened when he saw it, and began to stutter. Megra folded her arms.

   "Do you understand it?"

   "Well, well yes." Lanlo swallowed worriedly.

   "Do you recognise it?" Megra's left eyebrow rose.

   "No. No, no."

   "You should," Megra chuckled for a moment before seriousness filled her face again, "You fucking sent it." Lucy saw Lanlo look up at Megra suddenly and begin to speak. She held out her hand to silence him.

   "You don't understand how serious this is. We are a small team, we can hardly trust anybody. You dare do this again I'll have to dispose of you myself. We don't know whose seen it, but we are tracking it as fast as we can. Remember your name. Lanlo SyErvat. It's pretty shit but its clever. Don't dare risk this again or you'll have me to deal with." Megra walked away briskly toward Lucy and the others, leaving Lanlo in shock. He then took out a lighter and set the envelope on fire, before throwing it off of the roof. It flittered down the floors, fluttering and enflamed.

   "My apologies," Megra said to Lucy as she approached, closing the door behind her "Shall we go?" Megra walked past the three and pushed the button on the lift.

   "What about Lanlo?" Lucy asked, looking back.

   "He just wants a moment alone, he has some demons you see." Lucy eyed Dixon and Bernie before proceeding into the lift, all three behind Megra, "Emma Becket, Dixon Halliday, pig. I have a lot to show you, then we have a lot to do." As the lift went down, to Megra's base underneath the building, it dawned on the three that they entered via the roof to avoid detection. Megra then took out three mobile telephones from her pockets and gave one to Lucy, Dixon and Bernie.

   "What's this for?" Bernie asked. Dixon laughed.

   "Calling people, maybe. You don't need to be an IT Manager to know that."

   "Your MI5 phones," Megra informed them, "There's three numbers on there. Yours, so you can contact each other, and mine." As soon as she got it, Lucy opened the back, to find no such tracking device. However Dixon got a text message. He looked to Bernie and Lucy, and they had nothing. Dixon turned round in the lift, and leaned against the back wall, saying he felt sick, when all he wanted was to look at the text. It read: 'OE. Outside - 1 hour.' Dixon read it, and then put his phone in his pocket, making sure know one knew he had received the message.



   The lift door opened and lights clapped on to reveal several benches and boards plastered around the walls. Some had pictures of people, some had string strung across a map of the world connecting countries, while others had information and facts. Fifteen or so people busied around, making notes and typing as Megra and the three stepped out of the lift. Before Megra could introduce Lucy, she was bombarded with different members of the group asking for her opinon on something or other, making her watch videos they had made about G. R. E. E. N, and to check that their work was of the correct standard, giving the impression Megra was well respected and valued. She listened attentively to her colleagues, but we know this doesn't mean she trusted, or even cared, for them. For ten or so minutes, the three stood there astonished at the small team's determination, as Megra visited each member and spoke to them, and in that time, Dixon received another text from OE.



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