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  • Published: 10 Jul 2014
  • Updated: 24 Jul 2014
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(SEQUEL TO G. R. E. E. N) It becomes clear to Lucy (Emma), Dixon and Bernie that they have to act fast to reveal G. R. E. E. N. But out of the blue, another book is published by what is later found out to be by a secret MI5 group, the book being name: 'G. R. E. E. N SQUARED.'
Inside are the codes for each shade, but they need to be decoded. The race is on to find those who used to work for the old organisation as well as the algorithm to decode the shades with the help of MI5.
While negative emotions ensnare the group, as Dixon feels responsible for Roach's death, Lucy battles to find the truth about her father, and unknowingly the truths about herself.
As more find the three knowing knowledge of G. R. E. E. N, it seems they may have a small forceful army against them, only to find at the end Lucy's enigmatic secret is revealed, putting the world in danger, as it becomes real to their horror that G. R. E. E. N may never be exposed…


7. The Identity of Mr Green, All in Danger and The Green Sky



   Lucy forced the door open, and found herself on the roof. She ran as far out and away from the door as she could, to the edge of the roof. Below she saw a splatter of red, and an ambulance. Lucy also heard the door behind her open, and the heels of Megra grew louder. Lucy sighed, and turned only to feel a sharp pain in her leg. Megra's hand was outstretched toward Lucy, and Lucy noticed red liquid spitting. It was her blood, and Megra was holding a gun. Lucy fell to the floor, her leg (within seconds) was buried in a pool of blood. 

   "Sorry," Megra said thoughtlessly, "I didn't want you jumping. Plus punched me in the face," Megra noticed Lucy was close to the part of the edge where there was an ambulance below, "I see you saw the ambulance. Poor Lanlo. He had a bit of a fall. Well he was pushed into it. Right after we left the roof actually! You see, he sent a document containing two identities to an unknown source. You see, we can't have the identities of Mr Green and the Green Master getting out can we?"

   "Mr Green? There is no Mr Green! The last one is dead!"

   "No he's not. Never ever. He's still with us, he's inside the new Mr Green," Megra began to pace around Lucy, as her pool of blood grew bigger, "Did you find all you needed to? In my office?"

   "More than enough you bitch." Megra chuckled.

   "But not everything," Megra looked back at Lucy, her face adopting a straight and serious emotion, "I might as well tell you, seen as though I doubt you'll make it out of here alive… in the end. Some of the cleverest things are hidden in anagrams. You were worrying too much about the bigger picture, so the small details seemed even tinier. Nobody's name is Lanlo SyErvat. That's an anagram of 'loyal servant.' Although he disobeyed and broke his promise."

   "So you killed him?"

   "What else could I do? We are G. R. E. E. N. We can't afford to have traitors."

   "I knew there was something wrong with all of this!"

   "Didn't do much about it though did you?" Megra made a good point, and Lucy was silent.

   "I will now." Lucy pushed herself backward toward the edge of the roof, and Megra ran forward around her, and kicked her in the side of the head. Lucy didn't stop moving, so Megra did it again. And again. Then Megra got out her gun, and pointed it at Lucy. Lucy stopped moving, but not in fear.

   "Do it for me. Save me the trouble."

   "Of doing it yourself?"

   "Of wrestling you for that gun with this leg." 

   "Good... good," Megra sighed as she let her arm fall to her side, "I think it's time you knew the scale of the new G. R. E. E. N organisation."


   "Yes. We have been rebuilding, and we have about twenty shades we know and understand, but if we want to create a better future we need more. We have the colours and the codes, we just need the algorithm to decode them. We need lots more shades. All of the original shades."

   "Don't you have them from my father?"

   "People have infiltrated us and taken things. When you rebuild something like this, at many times you are weak and vulnerable. We are few but around the world we are many." Lucy laughed.

   "Around the world? Really?"

   "Have you ever asked what the four bullet points in front of each letter of G. R. E. E. N mean? No. Can't see small details can you. We are based in London, Washington D.C, China and Africa. Four points for four bases where G. R. E. E. N has infiltrated and began anew."

   "Why publish the books then? What for?"

   "By publishing these, we draw out every supporter, and every enemy. Then we can eradicate them. And the main goal, aside from that was to find you. G. R. E. E. N are shaping the world to be a better place. Stop Doctor's trying to save people. The worlds over populated. Stop Prime Ministers with bad visions."

   "By bad you mean good don't you?"

   "Maybe to you. But in the long run, it won't end well."

   "You're murderers. All of you! You're sick," Lucy's face wore a disgusted grimace, "Twisted."

   "You're my prisoner now," Megra slapped Lucy around the face, "You better learn to shut up."

   "Where do you fit into all of this?" Lucy asked, as Megra took out a piece of paper. It was a copy of the cover of G. R. E. E. N Squared.

   "Do you see this cover? This is a new shade. I made it myself, do you like it? I think it's more summery than the previous cover."

   "That means-"

   "Would you like to know, what it means?"

   "You are-"

   "It means: 'I've found Emma Becket.' And before you ask, I'm not Mr Green, I've only made two shades. The previous book cover was simply the shade for the new G. R. E. E. N organisation, for our organisation. It was a signal, blasted to the world through the innocence of a book. Under everybody's nose, and now its time to tell the world." Megra reached into her coat pocket and pulled out a walkey talkey, "This is GM to base. Set the green off. Over." Megra placed the device back in her pocket and looked out to the London skyline with pride.

   "What's the green? What is it!" Lucy shouted.

   "Look out, at the Shard," Megra pointed outward, "There." Lucy looked out, and suddenly, four small metal devices spewed out a green liquid, from the top of the Shard, projecting it about a mile and a half outward before it showered over the Shard and all below. Megra laughed, and the green continued to be sprayed for several minutes. It was then followed by the same colour of powder, which filled and polluted the air.

   "Is that what I think it is?" Lucy asked.

   "Oh, why has the London sky gone green? The news will go viral through social networking like wildfire, and soon the whole world will know that the G. R. E. E. N base in London has found Emma Becket. It's the same shade as the G. R. E. E. N Squared cover, so only those who know what the shade means will understand. To everyone else it would mean nothing, but to some, it will be the beginning of a new age."

   "That leaves the question of who you are." Lucy looked up at Megra, and Megra began to pace again.

   "My name, Megra Rasteen is also an anagram. Do you really think anyone would have that name? My name is an anagram of 'Green Master.' I'm the one who makes the marks, and when we have all of the shades and what they mean I will continue to. We just need Mr Green."

   "There is no Mr Green!" Megra leaned into Lucy's face and began to scream back at Lucy.

   "When your father stole the shades and entrusted them to MI5, a band of them broke away and joined G. R. E. E. N! As well as that, Mr Green took revenge against your father through someone! He experimented on them, and implemented the algorithm that can be used to decode the shades inside of them. He tortured the person's mother to make her silent. That person, was you! Mr Green is the one who knows all the shades and the codes, as well as how to decode them," Megra sighed and closed her eyes, took a deep breath and then continued explaining to Lucy, "He experimented on you. The algorithm and codes are inside you. Mr Green. Is. You." Lucy felt sick to the stomach. She was looking for evidence all this time, and she was it.

   "What? No... no! No!" Lucy screamed and backed away further while Megra descended into smug hysterics.

   "You thought we weren't clever enough! Even after the old Mr Green's disappearance he outsmarted the world. As revenge to your father, he gave it all to you." Megra took the syringe out of her pocket and with viciousness stabbed it into Lucy's right eyebrow. Lucy screamed as the liquid went in, and her right eye started oozing clear liquid. Megra stopped when half of the liquid went through, and then repeated with the left eye.

   "He even gave you a dye to cover his tracks. This'll neutralise it," Lucy clasped her eyes shut as they burned, and every time she blinked the blue colour of her eyes was no longer there, that colour was streaming out of her eyes in liquid form. It did, and what was underneath proved that Mr Green had made his mark on Lucy forever. Lucy's iris' were green. From the top it started light, and from there different shades covered the rest of it. Megra smiled, "Mr Green. Welcome."


   Lucy thought this was the end, and as she looked out across the green London skyline, she wished her life would end, as she felt it had been harsh enough. Below, Dixon stared at OE, before someone ran past. And shot him twice in the back. OE ran forward to help, and a paramedic from the ambulance also came. Bernie remained in the locked room, violently fitting and foaming at the mouth, with no help. Megra had spiked his beer, intending for him to fit and die. Dixon and Bernie were now out of the way. And as for Lucy, she was to be Megra's prisoner, and faced the painful extraction and torture of finding the algorithm secreted inside of her. It seemed the three were defeated. But they had one lead, the one who was with Dixon. OE.

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