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  • Published: 10 Jul 2014
  • Updated: 24 Jul 2014
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(SEQUEL TO G. R. E. E. N) It becomes clear to Lucy (Emma), Dixon and Bernie that they have to act fast to reveal G. R. E. E. N. But out of the blue, another book is published by what is later found out to be by a secret MI5 group, the book being name: 'G. R. E. E. N SQUARED.'
Inside are the codes for each shade, but they need to be decoded. The race is on to find those who used to work for the old organisation as well as the algorithm to decode the shades with the help of MI5.
While negative emotions ensnare the group, as Dixon feels responsible for Roach's death, Lucy battles to find the truth about her father, and unknowingly the truths about herself.
As more find the three knowing knowledge of G. R. E. E. N, it seems they may have a small forceful army against them, only to find at the end Lucy's enigmatic secret is revealed, putting the world in danger, as it becomes real to their horror that G. R. E. E. N may never be exposed…


6. OE, Locked Doors and Realisation


   After Megra had finished with her colleagues, she walked back to the three and stood next to Lucy, pulling her forward.

   "May I have your attention please!" All stopped to look at Megra, "May I present Emma Becket, Dixon Halliday and... this other man." The room descended into clapping, as Megra lead the three through the long room and out the door on their left, which led them to a long corridor. The first door on their right only contained a vending machine and two tables. Everything was quite sparse, showing the situation that the group were in. Megra got Bernie a beer, and Dixon a coke. Lucy didn't want anything. She did try some of Dixon's coke, as when she was on the run, the only thing she could get to drink was water from springs or rivers. Carbonated drinks seemed a world away. Megra then sat with them for ten minutes before going to check her team were all working properly. In that time Dixon received another text from 'OE,' and did not tell Lucy or Bernie of it. Many minutes passed, and it got closer to the time Dixon was meant to meet 'OE.' With fifteen minutes to go, Dixon decided to meet the person.

   "Can I go outside, for some air?" He asked, trying not to look shifty.

   "You shouldn't go alone," Lucy replied, "You shouldn't go at all."

   "No. You shouldn't be alone. Stay here with Bernie." Lucy sighed, part of her not caring what Dixon did.

   "I can't stop you can I?"

   "No. I'll see you in fifteen minutes."

   "Dixon, take the phone Megra gave. But if there is anything, or anyone suspicious, phone me, then throw it away while it's ringing so I know. Go." Dixon got up and hurried out of the room, and quickly told Megra where he was going. she pointed him to another lift and he went  down, anticipating his meeting with 'OE.'


   The lift got closer and closer to the reception and Dixon found himself getting more and more nervous. The lift doors then opened, and with his head down, Dixon sped through the reception quickly, trying not to attract any attention. He then got out of the building. To his left he saw an ambulance, and to his right he saw just a normal, wide road with shops going down it. He then received another text. It read 'I can see you. I'm wearing red. Right.' Dixon turned to his right and took a few steps before he saw who it was.


   Back in the room, Bernie was dosing off while Lucy sat in silence, until Megra walked in making them both jump. 

   "Lucy, I need to have a word," Lucy  turned to look at Bernie who looked up and nodded, before slumping back down, "My office is just down the hall. You won't be far away." Bernie again nodded, and with that Lucy got up and walked out of the door, and into the hall. Lucy thought of what she previously said about sticking together, but when needed she knew Dixon could run, and as for Bernie, she didn't care. Megra pointed to a door at the end of the hall, and Lucy began walking. Megra glanced at Bernie, looking him up and down. Then with quickness and subtly, she locked the door from the outside, without Bernie noticing. When Megra was out of sight, Bernie looked up, confused, as he thought he heard the door lock. Before he could get up and check, he went rigid. Then stiff. He then began to dribble, and with a shudder fell to the floor, bringing his chair too with a clatter, violently fitting. 


   Megra held her arm out to Lucy, letting her enter her office first. Lucy did while Megra stood by the door.

   "I'll just be a moment Lucy." Megra went outside to speak to a man in uniform, closing the door behind her. On the door there was a small square window, so Lucy could see Megra and the man in conversation. In Megra's office there was a desk, a chair on either side, and a dated computer with piles of paper on it. There was also a lamp, and behind was a blacked out window. There were maps plastered on the walls and some pictures of people. One of the pictures was of Emma, as she noticed, and she saw that the pin was pinned to the board through her eye. Funny, she thought, but Megra was short for space. Lucy looked back at Megra, who was in an in depth conversation with the soldier, and she took the opportunity to have a look through her draws.


   Alarm bells went ringing in Lucy's mind when she saw that the nob on a draw on Megra's side of the desk was the same colour as the first G. R. E. E. N book. The bells then switched off when she realised that inside was information on G. R. E. E. N, which made sense, as it was this MI5 team that printed the first book, so the draw was colour coded. Lucy then went to the picture of herself on the wall, and lifted it up to see a note on the back. It read 'She is the key. Find her.' Lucy thought it could be positive. Lucy loosened her scarf and undid her brown jacket, revealing a grey jumper which was frayed at the hem. Her boots that stretched up to her knees gave a small squeak as she walked through the office, and her black skinny jeans blended into the dimly lit room. Her short blonde hair which could resemble a boys (as it was pushed to the side) was darkened by the room, but however her eyes glistened brightly despite the dark shade. Lucy jumped as she heard the click of the door locking, and she walked up to it, crouched down, trying to listen to the conversation. 

   "We've got her now. Everything is sorted."

   "But how do you unveil her?" With that, Lucy began routing through the other draw on the left side of Megra's desk. She smashed the lock with her fist, and when Megra turned to see what the noise was, Lucy lay the lamp on the floor as if it had been knocked over, before Megra turned, giving her a reason for the noise. Inside the draw, Lucy found all she needed to. She also found a gun, which reminded her that she still had hers in the inside of her jacket. Lucy was not one hundred percent sure she could trust Megra, and that is what she needed to be. Deciding quickly, Lucy whipped out her gun, and blew the hinges of the door, wanting to get out. Megra dived aside, and the solider (who Megra was talking to) backed up against the corridor wall. Lucy walked forward and shot the soldier in the head, and Megra dived upward knocking the gun from Lucy, who punched her in the face in a downward motion, leaving Megra sprawled on the floor with a bleeding lip. 

  "No!" She screamed, as Lucy ran away and down the corridor back to the long room. She stopped as she turned into it, where the team turned to look at her, several with guns.

   "Bernie!" Lucy shouted, hoping he'd come outside and help her. There was no reply, and with that, Lucy turned around and bolted in Megra's direction as she began to get up. Gun shots were fired in Lucy's direction all missing, and firing off the walls, as Megra waved her arms shouting.

  "No! Nobody touches her!" Lucy jumped over Megra and through the doors behind her. She found a stairwell leading up. Before Megra followed, she went into her office and grabbed a syringe with a clear liquid inside, from her draw, before putting it into her pocket. She also took her long, light brown coat from the chair and put it on as she walked. After that Megra followed, her coat billowing out like a net after Lucy, who had no choice to go back up to the roof via the stairwell. 


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