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  • Published: 10 Jul 2014
  • Updated: 24 Jul 2014
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(SEQUEL TO G. R. E. E. N) It becomes clear to Lucy (Emma), Dixon and Bernie that they have to act fast to reveal G. R. E. E. N. But out of the blue, another book is published by what is later found out to be by a secret MI5 group, the book being name: 'G. R. E. E. N SQUARED.'
Inside are the codes for each shade, but they need to be decoded. The race is on to find those who used to work for the old organisation as well as the algorithm to decode the shades with the help of MI5.
While negative emotions ensnare the group, as Dixon feels responsible for Roach's death, Lucy battles to find the truth about her father, and unknowingly the truths about herself.
As more find the three knowing knowledge of G. R. E. E. N, it seems they may have a small forceful army against them, only to find at the end Lucy's enigmatic secret is revealed, putting the world in danger, as it becomes real to their horror that G. R. E. E. N may never be exposed…


1. MR GREEN - The Past



   Lear Cyrudl walked through the dark damp tunnels, and was meant to be on his way to a meeting with Mr Green. The codes had been finalised and he was to be informed of them individually. Lear walked up to a solid metal door, and with a shove, entered Mr Green's office. Mr Green was out inspecting other members' work, and Lear had planned to break into Mr Green's office for a while.


   Once inside, Lear began to search through Mr Green's draws, breaking the locks on them, looking for what he needed. He feared the organisation he was a part of had become corrupt, and Lear felt he had to expose them, then get out of there as quickly as possible. He feared his wife and unborn child were in danger. After a while, he found what he was looking for. He took it, tidied up, and left. He went to the deeper bunker, where he was served food, and he sat down to eat. A small green dot sat in his food, but he did not notice.


   Meanwhile, Mr Green returned to his office. He noticed a draw wasn't fully pushed in. He knew somebody had been here. With that, he searched the place, and identified fingerprints. He accessed the files of his employees, and found a match. He didn't trust them all, and had diagrams of their DNA and their genes to make sure he could identify any of them. After analysing a piece of skin h found, Mr Green knew it was Lear who had broken into his office. At that moment he went into shut down. He never shared any secret with any of his employees again, including how to decode the shades. 


   Later, Mr Green slept in peace with no care in the world. When he received a call he clambered out of bed, and with a smile found Lear had been hospitalised. He went back to bed, seeing his wife's, bright green eyes glisten from above, as he had left his mark on her, in the form of dead experiments and blindness.


   For years Lear was in and out of hospital, and himself as well as his daughter Emma were oblivious to the fact he was slowly being poisoned. More years past and to Lear and his wife Rochelle was born. Lear did not know his wife was under pressure by Mr Green. As well as money from her, (which he put into G. R. E. E. N) he asked for Emma in the lab. What he did to her would become Emma's greatest secret, to herself and to the world. This was how Mr Green took revenge to Lear Cyrudl, through his daughter. Green threatened Lear's wife, and kept feeding him green in his food without him knowing, poisoning him. Green could not take possession of Emma, and when he decided to end Lear's life, he knew Lear's wife would not stand in his way. He'd scared her so much her mind diminished into a pit of paranoia. She took Roach and sent her into hiding, and as for Emma, who was old enough to run, did. Unknowing she was the key.


   Lear's Doctor took an interest, and was killed. Lear's wife fled. Rochelle later became Roach and was unknowing of anything. What later emerged was a printed G. R. E. E. N book, which Lear had entrusted to a publishing company. The current G. R. E. E. N base was moved, identies changed and without knowing, Lear had sealed the world of G. R. E. E. N.


   Mr Green disappeared the only one knowing the codes, and they were not revealed to another soul. He soon left his wife dead to cover his tracks. The organisation still hunts for Emma, as she is the key. She feels they chase her because they are worried about being exposed, but how can they be, when Emma knows nothing?


   This dark spiral of events led to G. R. E. E. N being published, starting from the tatty brown book Lear stole and ending in  a modern world. A secret MI5 group had been working on G. R. E. E. N for years, and had discovered the codes for each colour, but they needed decoding. G. R. E. E. N SQUARED was in print, featuring just the codes. 'Squared' referred to it's predecessor. 2x2=4. Something times something equals one number. Together G. R. E. E. N and G. R. E. E. N  SQUARED could end it all, but what was needed to times them together was Emma.


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