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  • Published: 10 Jul 2014
  • Updated: 24 Jul 2014
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(SEQUEL TO G. R. E. E. N) It becomes clear to Lucy (Emma), Dixon and Bernie that they have to act fast to reveal G. R. E. E. N. But out of the blue, another book is published by what is later found out to be by a secret MI5 group, the book being name: 'G. R. E. E. N SQUARED.'
Inside are the codes for each shade, but they need to be decoded. The race is on to find those who used to work for the old organisation as well as the algorithm to decode the shades with the help of MI5.
While negative emotions ensnare the group, as Dixon feels responsible for Roach's death, Lucy battles to find the truth about her father, and unknowingly the truths about herself.
As more find the three knowing knowledge of G. R. E. E. N, it seems they may have a small forceful army against them, only to find at the end Lucy's enigmatic secret is revealed, putting the world in danger, as it becomes real to their horror that G. R. E. E. N may never be exposed…


3. G. R. E. E. N Squared, Megra Rasteen and the Man in Black



   "Lucy get back in here now!" Lucy tore off the plastic bag and note as Bernie shouted, but all he could see was Lucy staring in awe at a green box, and flicking through it. Bernie then realised it was a book, and then wore the same look as Lucy, realising she could be holding something that could be the key to him going home. It's important it is understood he only thought of him going home. Dixon didn't have a clue what was going on, and stared at Bernie and Lucy in bewilderment. He then too began to realise what it could be, as the helicopter noise from above began to get louder.

   "Is that what I think it is?" Bernie said as he got out of the car and slowly walked to Lucy, who was still holding the book in shock and hand.

   "Is that what I think it is?"

   "I think it might be. I really think it might." Lucy looked up at Bernie and smiled, and this was the first time he had seen her smile... ever. The book could be their salvation, until Lucy flicked through it again. Her beautiful white smile faltered and failed, as she saw the pages, but her bright blue eyes remained in that way.

   "What's wrong?" Bernie asked, as Dixon stuck his head out of the car door.

   "It's just the codes. There's no algorithm or anything to decode them!" Lucy threw the book on the floor, and Bernie ran after it.

   "What's going on?" Asked Dixon.

   "A book's been printed about the G. R. E. E. N codes, the only problem is there's no way to decode them." Bernie said as he picked it up.

   "It's fucking useless!" Lucy paced running her fingers through her hair, as the helicopter above floated down from only a few hundred metres above them. The helicopter drifted away as Bernie moved back to Lucy with the book in hand, checking the pages weren't too badly scuffed.

   "It's not useless! G. R. E. E. N Squared... what the hell does that mean?"

   "Another one? What?" Dixon took the book from Bernie's hands, "Shit. This is serious."

   "Oh no shit, Dick." Dixon wore a piercing glare as the helicopter touched down spreading winds, and Lucy realised they could be in danger.

   "Get in the car! Quick!" Lucy came running back, grabbing the book off of Dixon who followed her with Bernie back into the car. As a man and a woman walked out of the helicopter Lucy reversed the car and began to drive away. Few seconds later, she found her path blocked by bullets in the wheels by the man and woman, and then found them by her car window.

   "Shit." hissed Bernie in the back. Outside Lucy's window stood a tall thin woman with bright orangey red curled hair falling down to her chest, and wearing a white shirt, jacket and skirt. She swiftly smashed the window through with her gun. Lucy jumped and backed onto the seat next to her, pointing her gun at the woman as she stuck her head in the car.

   "Shit indeed," She looked around, then up at Lucy, "You're really going to shoot me Lucy? or is it Elma? Or in fact Emma? And McEkbet? Ha!" The woman laughed and lifted her hand, to show she was holding a copy of 'G. R. E. E. N Squared.'

   "Lucy pull that trigger." Dixon pestered, but Lucy looked unsure.

   "You can't shoot that!" Bernie was then told to be quiet.

   "I take it you've seen it after receiving our message. It's funny. I saw that printed, packed and shipped to book stores around the globe. Wallington is getting several boxes as it did the first edition."

   "You published it?" Bernie asked, noticing Dixon was now more preoccupied with the woman's face rather than the facts. How he had changed.

   "Do you think G. R. E. E. N would dedicate the book to Lear and say it was for Roach and Emma over here? It was meant to be a message, intended for you and all your other... identities. For God's sake I would've thought you might've noticed that. We've been tracking you for some time," With that she cupped her hand over her mouth in an awkward yawn and eyed Bernie suspiciously as she did so, "We knew we had to get hold of you. The famous Emma Becket. I didn't realise she came with an entourage."

   "Who's your man in black?" Bernie asked, slightly jealous.

   "He's not my husband if you're wondering. But yes, he's a man in black. He's just a little quiet as I do the talking... plus he lost the toss to speak to the famous Emma Becket."

   "The famous Emma Becket?" Lucy asked, as this was what she didn't want to be.

   "Did you really think MI5 were oblivious and idiotic enough to have no facts on G. R. E. E. N? That's fucking rude," The woman opened Lucy's door and offered a handshake as the man in black opened Dixon's, "I'm Megra Rasteen. Head of MI5's investigative activity concerning G. R. E. E. N."

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