Love Struck

A girl who never thought she would fall in love with Endless Love boy band Zack McMillan. There love is endless until he moves away and they can't deal with long relationship.


1. The new kid in town

Telia's P.O.V


I was dreaming about my boyfriend who I had met in Argentina,that is where my family is from. He was sweet and cute.Then my stupid Alarm clock(up top) started to ring 7:00, 7:00 it's time to wake up.I just switched it off. Then my mother came pounding on the door.


"Wake up Telia! It's time to wash up!" She yelled through the door. Then I had to wake up from my amazing dream. I got up then walked to the restroom.I picked up a small wash cloth and my face,then I brushed my teeth. I jumped in the shower and washed myself. I then stepped out of the shower and next brushed and blow dried my caramel hazel nut hair. I then I then used the curly iron to to give me some spiral curls for school. I changed my clothes in to a polo shirt with booty, pre ripped jeans . I put on Micheal Kors flats and then put a white head band over my head. I put on orange and blue eye shadow, some foundation ,make some earrings and blush. I then headed down stairs and asked my mom,What's cooking!
She answered pancakes,eggs,bacon,and sausages. I then licked my lips. I didn't get to finish my breakfast because the bus came.I told my mom bye and left. I sat next to my friends Jenna and Maya. We talked about how there was new kid on the bus who looked like

McMillan. "What! it is Zack McMillan," said Jenna.She had a big crush on him, he was in the boy band Endless love. Me and Maya didn't like them because they only sing songs about love but if we were to date them they would treat us like trash.Jenna kept staring at him for the whole ride. When we went in to Bio. class Mr. Henderson introduced Zack McMillan to us . He then said, "I'm from California but my mom likes it better in Florida so we moved here." Mr Henderson made me be his tour guide for 3 weeks. I was so angry I swear I would have yelled, but I kept it in. At the end of the day Zack told me he liked me and wanted to date. I said I would think about it. When I got on the bus I was speechless my friends asked me what had happened to me and I told them, "Zack said he likes me and wants to date. Jenna said I was
The luckiest girl in the and should say yes, Maya said remember what superstar boys do to you, but also choose from your heart and if you want to date him I will support your answer.




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