Love Struck

A girl who never thought she would fall in love with Endless Love boy band Zack McMillan. There love is endless until he moves away and they can't deal with long relationship.


2. The big decision

Telia P.O.V



                    I came home with a burden in my heart.My mom was in the kitchen cooking dinner.She must've heard me coming in because she turned around with a smile on her face.Her smile disappeared when she saw my face.


   "what happened?" She asked, "If a celebrity male asked you out what would you have replied to him, a yes,maybe, maybe so? she said in a clueless way"


"1) What !  2) Hell yah!  3) follow your heart"  



              "You should really pick 2), Anyway why did you ask that question ?



                         "I just asked because me and my friends we're playing a game then my friend Jenna asked the same question I asked and I couldn't answer her question so I said I would ask you."


                          "Are you sure hun?"


                "Yes mother".



                            "Alright then you can come to me anytime honey".


           "Thanks mom".  "Phew I got away from that it was close,I said in a relief way. Then I took a nap in my bedroom before dinner.


                 "But you should really go with 2) , Anyway why do you ask this?" 


         "Ah nothing , Me and my friends we're playing 


          "Uh mom,just an out of the blue question,'' I started

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