The New Beginning

Caroline runs away from her drunken and abusive father. When she tries to commit suicide, her hero saves her life.


1. The End... or So She Thinks

Caroline's POV

"You are worthless." My dad was in his drunken haze and yelling at me like he always was. I can't do anything without him yelling at me. I don't want to say what he does to me if I actually did something bad. I ran to my room and locked the door. I quickly grabbed my laptop and tweeted: Goodbye World. I then grabbed a bag that contained a suicide note and a blade.

I jumped from my first story window and ran as fast as I could down the road. I hid in some bushes and sat down. I took my blade out and put it to my skin. This is it, I thought, I am gonna die here. The feeling of the blade sliding across my skin was so satisfying.

Finally, I was dizzy, about to die. Both of my arms covered in wounds. I got up and stumbled around for a while. I don't remember what happened, but I do know that I fell and hit my head on someone's door. I heard the noise of the door opening and people's voices. 

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