The New Beginning

Caroline runs away from her drunken and abusive father. When she tries to commit suicide, her hero saves her life.


25. Private Jet

Caroline's POV

I woke up in our bed when Ashton sat down next to me.

I yawned, "Good morning babe."

He turned to me and kissed me. He said, "Hey, I'm gonna go out to breakfast with Harry. What do you want me to bring back?"

I said, "Can you get me Starbucks?"

He smiled and we said in unison, "Venti Caramel Latte and a Greek Yogurt Parfait."

I smiled, "I love you."

He kissed me again before getting up and leaving.

I smiled ass I got up to take a shower because I knew I would be too tire to take one when we got to Cuba where we were taking our honeymoon.

When I got out of the shower, I hopped on the couch and watched The Red Band Society. By the way the bald guy is pretty hot. But not as hot as Ashton.

I got through one and half episodes when Ashton walked through the door.

He said, "Babe the jet leaves in three hours, you need to get ready."

I asked, "Did you say jet? as in a private jet?"

He smiled, "Yes, I wanted it to be special," winking at me before heading off down the hall.

I went to our room to change. While I was changing, Ashton said, "How did I get such a beautiful wife?"

My cheeks turned red as I pulled on sweatpants and one of Ashton's sweatshirts.

We soon left with all of our stuff ready to go.

When we got to see the jet, my stomach tied in a knot, knowing what awaited.


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