The New Beginning

Caroline runs away from her drunken and abusive father. When she tries to commit suicide, her hero saves her life.


22. Moving Out

Caroline's POV

I woke up to Ashton's sleeping face with a smirk on it. His hair was all messy, it was so cute.

I ran my fingers through his hair and he woke up saying, "I had a dream about you."

I smiled, "Now did you? Tell me more."

He said, "Well we were laying in bed and two kids ran into our room and started jumping on the bed. They were saying, 'Mum and Dad it is Christmas morning.' So we went down stairs and saw a huge tree and a ton of presents. Keep in mind this was all in the house we just got."

I kissed him, "Well maybe one day that will happen. I do want to have kids, at least two. Not many more, too much work."

He said, "Maybe we can try," kissing my neck.

I laughed, "Ash, we gotta pack and move our stuff to our house." He tickled me and rolled over on top of me. Time seemed to stop as I stared into his eyes.

He finally said, "You are gorgeous. I am so lucky to be with you." He trailed kisses around my neck, around my face, and on the tip of my nose, ending on my lips.

He stood up and started putting on clothes, saying, "Well I guess we gotta get some boxes and get our stuff outa here. We should get ready to leave." I reluctantly got up and put on some sweat pants and one of Ashton's sweat shirts.

In the car on the way to the store, Ashton said, "You look so cute when you wear my clothes."

I laughed, "So you did notice. I just saw it out and didn't feel like getting something of mine."

He smiled, "Wow, you really are my fiancé. Gorgeous, lazy, crazy, and likes to eat. The perfect girl. Every man's dream." I blushed and laughed.

We had gotten boxes and packed our stuff with the help of Luke, Michael, and Calum.

Luke said, "So you guys really are leaving. Man, this is gonna be weird without you two. It won't be as noisy."

Michael said, "Yeah, well, we gotta get you something for your house. Maybe we can set up like  house warming party once you are settled in."

Ashton said, "Maybe but no surprises. This is our house and we want privacy. So please Michael and the rest of you, no surprise parties. Luke, can we trust you to make sure this happens."

Luke said, "Yes, I will make sure these two don't try and pull anything over," looking over at Calum and Michael who had their had down.

We hugged them all and waved bye as we drove off to our new life.

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