The New Beginning

Caroline runs away from her drunken and abusive father. When she tries to commit suicide, her hero saves her life.


14. Lunch With Lauren, Harry, and Carrie

Ashton's POV

When we left, Harry asked, "Ashton, can we put on your music?"

I said, "Okay. Anything for you." While I put on the album, I asked, "Harry and Lauren, are you okay with Caroline and I being together?"

Lauren said, "Yeah. I think you two are cute together."

Harry said, "Same here. Uh, Ashton, What were you gonna say earlier when you started crying?"

squeezed Caroline's hand and said, "When I found Carrie, she was on my doorstep. She had a bag with a suicide note in it and her arms were covered in self harm wounds." No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't fight back the tears. I continued, "The latter said that she wanted to leave the world because of her dad because her was abusive." 

After that, the car ride was quiet aside from the music playing. I spent that time recovering from that thought.

When we sat down at the restaurant, I asked, "So guys, what did you do while I was gone?"

Harry said, "I got a 100 on test at school."

I said, "Okay thanks for showing off. Caroline, you okay?"

She said, "Yeah. I'm fine."

Lauren asked, "Can we see the ring?"

I said, "Carrie, show them." She lifted her hand onto the table so that Harry and Lauren could see her ring. 

Lauren said, "That's big. Carrie, you're lucky."

Harry said, "Can you promise that you will do everything possible so that Lauren and I will be able to go on tour with you next time?"

I looked at him and said, "Harry, I promise." The waitress came and took our orders.

After a few minutes of talking, my phone buzzed. Calum texted me: Check the trends on twitter. That's all he said. I looked to see the top trend was #WhyWeHateCarrie. 

I looked up and said, "Harry and Lauren, Carrie and I need to go do something. I am sorry. We will go out tomorrow." I left more than the ammount we needed to pay on the table and we left. 

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