The New Beginning

Caroline runs away from her drunken and abusive father. When she tries to commit suicide, her hero saves her life.


5. He Died

Ashton's POV

Finally, I got Caroline up on the couch. I broke the silence by saying, "Who wants to watch a movie?" After much discussion, we decided on 21 Jump Street. Right before I put it in, there was knock at the door. I got up  and went to get it. It was the pizza guy with our pizza. When everyone got settled down with pizza and blankets, I started the movie. A few times throughout the movie I caught Caroline laughing, but when she saw me looking at her she looked down and stopped. BY the end of the movie, Caroline had fallen asleep. I followed her soon after. I woke up in my bed, next to Caroline. I got up and I was in a tuxedo. When I tried to see Caroline, I couldn't. I wasn't allowed to. They said because she was in her wedding dress. Wait, I just met her. I never proposed to her. When I was brought out to stand by the alter, everything ended. I just saw black. Suddenly, I was laying on a hammock with Caroline. I looked over to see two children. One much older then the other one. Like before, everything ended without warning. 

My eyelids felt heavy. I woke up this time to see I was still laying on the couch next to Caroline. The other boys were up and talking to Caroline. I stood up and went to get the paper and check the obituary. I know it is weird but I think it is interesting. I was scanning through when something caught my eye. The person's name was Don Foster. Caroline shared a last name with him. The other thing I thought was weird was that he died of liver failure. Caroline's letter said that her father was an alcoholic and a long term alcoholic would die of liver failure. I asked Caroline, "Caroline, is your dad's name Don?" 

She got up and came over. She looked down with shock. She started crying. She said, "He died."

I asked, "Why are you crying?"

She said, "I don't have to be scared that he will find me. I don't have to be scared anymore." She hugged me. And I hugged her back. I heard her sigh in relief. 

I said, "Let's go shopping for your clothes today and we can get you a special something for celebration." Our faces were so close. I would feel her breath on my lips. We looked into each other's eyes. I so desperately wanted to kiss her. I built up the courage and kissed her. Like before, my body took over. It felt right. I didn't feel out of place. It was as if I was placed here in this moment. You know how if you have a job just to have it and make money but then you have a career that you love and it doesn't feel like work? Well it felt like I was in my career. It sounds stupid but it makes sense to me. It wasn't until Michael coughed that I realized we were in a room with people. 

Luke said, "Get a room you two." 

I said, "Well at least I have a girlfriend. I am your boyfriend right?" I looked at Caroline. 

She said, "Uh... Yeah Luke. Don't get mad at us." Luke chuckled at that.

After I got changed and Caroline got changed, we headed out for breakfast. We went to Starbucks at Caroline's request. 

When we sat down she said, "I have never been here before. This panini is amazing." I laughed. She asked, "What?"

I said, "You're cute." She started blushing. I asked, "So do you know the clothes stores?" She nodded. I said, "So do you wanna lead the way at the mall?"She nodded at that too.

When we got to the mall, Caroline headed straight for Forever 21. We ended up getting lunch at the mall and going to about 10 stores and come home with a ton of bags. 

When we walked in the door, Michael said, "Shopoholic much?"

Caroline snapped, "What did you expect from someone that bought a whole wardrobe? One bag?" Everyone laughed at Michael who put his head down. Shortly after, Caroline headed off to put her clothes in my spare closet. 

Luke said quietly, "Are you gonna ask her out and make it official and not just like undecided?" 

I said, "Yeah. I will do that now. Here I go." 

I headed down the hall to my room. I went up to Caroline and said, "Can I ask you something?"

She said, "Yeah. Ask away."

I asked, "I was, uh, wondering if you wanted to go out with me tonight around 7?" 

She turned around and hugged me. She looked at me and said, "Yes Ashton. Of course." I smiled, turned around, and went back to the living room. The smile wasn't real though. i just didn't want her to see my fear. I was scared that I would... that I would hurt her. I just worry that I would make a drunk mistake or something stupid and hurt her. I just don't want her her to go back to her old ways. 

I sat down on the couch, thinking about hurting Caroline in the future. Calum looked over and asked, "Hey Ashton, are you okay?"

I turned and said, "Well, it is just that I don't want to hurt her. I am scared that i will make some sort of mistake and hurt her." I just sat there for a while, thinking about it. I suppressed it as much as I could and got ready for my date with Caroline.

Ready, I sat talking with the boys waiting for Caroline. Whe walked out and I stood up. 

I said, "Caroline, you look amazing." 

She smiled, "I tried."

I Smiled and said, "Well we have a date. I don't want to waste a minute with you." 

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