The New Beginning

Caroline runs away from her drunken and abusive father. When she tries to commit suicide, her hero saves her life.


9. Hanging with YouTubers

Caroline's POV


Casper said to me, "Caroline, Zoe and Louise were wondering if you wanted to go over to the youtuber house and sleep there tonight."

I said, "Yeah, I will text them." I texted Zoe: Hey, Casper told me you wanted me to come over. That sounds good. Just give me a little bit and I will be there. Ashton walked me because it was only about a block from where we were.

There, I walked in and yelled, "Twins, Tanya, Jim, Joe, Zoe, Alfie, Louise. I am here."I saw Jack and Finn first so I walked up to them singing their jingle they made up. They walked over and joined in. They squished me in a group hug. I said, "Jack and Finn, a girls gotta breath.

Finn said, "What do you not like a guy with an accent. Is that it?"

I said, "I'm happily taken," holding up my hand to reveal the ring on my finger.

Tanya and Jim approached, giving me a hug. Tanya said, "Caroline, congrats. Zoe told me the news."

Jim asked, "What news?"

I said, "I am engaged." I held up my hand yet again. They stood there in aw. I stood there smiling at it. I added, "Zoe and Louise invited me over for a sleep over. You should join us."

Tanya piped up, "That sounds great. We can do make up."

Zoe, Louise, and Alfie had joined the huddle around me. I looked around, a little scared. I only am used to hugs not being a huddle. I didn't like it.

Finn looked at me and asked, "Caroline? Are you okay?" I backed away from everyone, shaking my head, tears forming in my eyes.

Zoe asked, "Do you want to talk about it?"

I whispered so only she could hear, "Can I talk to you guys over on the couch?"

She looked back at everyone, "Guys go sit on the couch, Caroline has something to tell you." Zoe helped me up and over to the couch. 

I sat down and let out a breath, looking around. I started, "Well my life may be all great and what not now, but it wasn't always like this. Se when I was about twelve, my mom died from breast cancer. My dad was okay for the first few months after that but developed a drinking problem. He started to abuse me and do other things to me." I go choked up but continued. "I started cutting when I was about 15. I did it on and off. The only thing that kept me going was 5 Seconds of Summer. One day only about a year ago, I couldn't handle it any more. I wrote a suicide letter. I put that and a razor blade in a small bag I had. I jumped out of my first story window and started running. Once I thought I was safe, I sat down and began what I thought was my path to being dead. I ended up stumbling around for a little bit before I blacked out on someones door step. I don't know why god let me live on or why he led me to the door step of Ashton and the others, but I am forever thankful."

Alfie said, "I am sorry Caroline."

I said, "It is okay. The damned guy died a week later from liver failure."

My phone buzzed from a text from Ashton saying: I miss you. Come back please. A picture of him frowning was attached.

I replied: Uh, okay. Anything for you. I looked up saying, "Guys, I gotta go. Sorry I only stayed a little bit."

Zoe said, "Oh it is okay. We are here till the end o the week. We can do a girls day tomorrow. It was nice having you."

I got up, hugged everyone and left on the short journey back to the house.

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