The New Beginning

Caroline runs away from her drunken and abusive father. When she tries to commit suicide, her hero saves her life.


21. Coming Home

Caroine's POV

I was on my laptop dm-ing Ashton on Twitter. He made a few keeks for me, all of which were very random and funny. Harry was featured in a few keeks as well as made a few himself.

I fell asleep to the tune of the 5 Seconds of Summer Amnesia EP.

I woke up to Ashton's face. I smiled, "Hey babe. How are you?"

He said, "I am good I am more worried about you. How are you?"

I said, "I am awful tired. Is Harry here?" Harry walked up to my bed side and I said, "Hey Harry, how have you been?"

Harry answered, "I have been good. It has been good to see Ashton. He is always on tour or working Los Angeles."

The doctor walked in and said, "Caroline, you are free to go. Come back if you need to. Here are the papers to check out." I got up and changed into the clothes Ashton had brought. After we checked out, we went to drop Harry off and left.

Ashton asked, "Do you wanna go house hunting today? I know we need a new place."

I said, "Uh sure. Maybe after breakfast."

Ashton said, "Yeah, sounds good. I am hungry too." We went to a diner and ordered some hot chocolate, coffee, and two sausage and bacon omelets.

I asked, "So what did you do while I was out?"

Ashton said, "Oh, I hung out with Harry and he slept over last night too so that was fun to be with him. It almost seemed like we were that old garage band we used to be."

I smiled, "I ove it when you are happy. Oh wanna here what made me happy before we were together?"

He laughed, "What made you happy before we were together?"

I said, "I liked to see punk edits where you had blue hair and tattoos. I remember you retweeted me once and it made me so happy."

Ashton smiled, "You are so cute when you get excited." I smiled at him and looked into his hazel eyes. After that, we left and went to look for houses.

Our realtor had brought us to this house that was fairly average size and white on the outside. As soon as I walked in, I wanted to sit down and fall asleep with Ashton in the bedroom.

When we walked out after looking through the house, I said, "Ashton, I think this is the one. I felt right at home when we walked in."

He said, "But Carrie, we haven't looked anywhere else. What if there is another house out there?"

I said, "C'mon, Ashton, we can look at other houses, but can we at least try to get this house? Please?"

He sighed, "I guess we can. I mean I did like it too."

Our realtor said, "Okay, we can head back to my office and get the paper work done." We got in her car and went back to the realtor office.

So it had been a few weeks since we went to the office and tried to buy the house and Ashton and I are really hopeful that we will get the house.

My phone started ringing while Ashton and I were driving to the studio so they could record some music. I answered, "Hello?"

Our realtor said, "Ms. Foster? I have some news for you and Mr. Irwin."

I said, "Really?"

She said in a happy tone, "You got the house!"

I smiled, "Really? We got the house?"

She said, "Yeah. You just need to sign some papers and you can move in."

I said, "Oh, okay. We will be there when we leave the recording studio. Okay?"

She said, "Okay. Well have a splendid day."

I smiled, "You too. Bye."

Ashton asked, "Who was that?"

I said, "It was our realtor. She said we got the house! We need to head over after the studio to sign some papers. So if we can record your vocals and the group vocals first so we can leave sooner then that will be good."

He said, "Yeah. That sounds good."

After Ashton and the band were done recording vocals, we left and went to finish paper work.

Once we were finished with the paper work, I squeezed Ashton in a hug. I said, "We have a home. Even though living with the guys was fun, we get to live alone. This is going to be so fun. Now all we need to do is get married. which isn't too long away."

Ashton smiled, "Yeah, we get to live alone and together. I want you to know I won't treat you like your father did when it was only him and you. I will treat you like a princess. Don't worry." I smiled at him and we got up to leave.

In his car, I said, "We should get some boxes and start packing our stuff up."

Ashton said, "Yeah. We should do that tomorrow. It is getting a little late." So we went back to the former house and spent our last night there. While it was nice there, our new house felt like home and I am happy we found it so soon.

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