The New Beginning

Caroline runs away from her drunken and abusive father. When she tries to commit suicide, her hero saves her life.


13. Back Home in Sydney

Ashton's POV

As we were walking to our car to take us to our house, we were mobbed by fans almost. I was hugging Carrie to my side the whole time, knowing she was scared of all of this.

When we got home, I said, "Carrie, do you wanna go see the family.? I promised Harry I would visit when we got back."

She smiled at me, "Sounds fun. Do you think they will be happy for us?"

I looked her in the eyes, "Carrie, they love you. Of course they will be happy. Come on." I lead her to the car after we told the guys we were leaving.

Wen we walked into my old home, Harry ran to me. I love him so much. I hate leaving him for so long.. He then went and hugged Carrie.

My mom walked over and said, "Ashton, Carrie. I missed you both. Oh, Ashton, your sister is in her room. I don't think she even knows you're here." I laughed and went over to her door.

I walked in and yelled, "SUPRISE!" She looked up and started crying as she walked over and hugged me. I said, "Hey, Lauren. Next time I go on tour, I will see if you and Harry can come with me."

She said, "I missed you Ashton."

I said, "C'mon, Carrie and I have someting to tell you."

I walked out and saw Harry and my mom were already sat down next Carrie. Lauren went and sat down next to them as I sat next to Carrie.

I started, "So Carrie and I have some news. We have been together for a while now and I really love her. We are engaged."

Harry asked, "So you're gonna get married?"

I said, "Yeah Harry. Carrie and I are gonna get married. Even if her father was alive I wouldn't have asked him if I could because he would say no. I know this because when I first saw Carrie, her arms were covered in self harm wounds and she had a suicide note with..." 

I couldn't finish. Anger built up inside of me and I started to cry. It just brought back bad memories.

Carrie had nuzzled her face into my neck. I kissed her head. I looked up and said, "Sorry. I just fucking hate the bastard." 

My mom said, "Ashton, go home and be with Carrie."

I said, "No, I'm fine. Well Harry and Lauren, wanna go to lunch with Carrie and I?"

Lauren said, "Ooh yeah. That sounds fun."

My mom asked, "What about me?"

I said, "We can take you for breakfast while Harry and Lauren hang out with the boys. I am sure they'd like that." I looked over at Harry and Lauren who were smiling.

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