This Is Our Story...(Jack Gilinsky Love Story)

So this is what it feels like to fall in love. This is what it feels like to be love and be loved by Jack Gilinsky. You may not have known him, but he was my first and last love. He was everything to me and the day I lost him, I lost my world. . Our love was as passionate as Romeo and Juliet's-As strong as Augustus and Hazel's-Our love was long lasting. And this? This is our story.


31. The kiss and the call

~~Channing Matthews:
I stayed in the hotel today. I have been staying with Jordan for 4 days, and when I woke up, he was gone. I didn't panic to much because he left me a letter on the nightstand.
​​'Good Morning Sleeping Beauty,
I went  to get us some food and I'll pick up some movies.
P.s..I was going to wake you up, but you were to busy looking beautiful.
P.p.s..That was my pillow you drooled on.'
I laughed at that last line, but then again thought. 'Did he really think I was beautiful?' but then I shrugged, setting the topic to the side, and rolled over covering the blankets over my face, falling back to sleep.

"That is so not fair! You're a cheater!!" I screamed at Jordan as we continued to play 'Go Fish'. I know I know, childish game. But we were bored! Besides, I was queen of this game, until someone *cough Jordan cough cough* peeked at my cards and stole them!
"I am not a cheater! You purposely showed me your cards!" He chuckled.
I glared at him, shaking my head. "Why the hell would I show YOU my cards?!" I continued to glare at him.
"Psh, how should I know? You're weird!!" He laughed. Then all of a sudden, he tackled me. He started to tickle me, and god we all know I hated to be tickled. "JOORRDDDAAANNN!!! STTAAAAPPPP IIITTT!!!" I spat as he tickled my sides with his fingers.
"Keep going? OKAY!" He laughed, and tickled me harder.
Then something unexpected happened..
I punched him. Hard.
He grabbed on to his red face, and fell to the other side of me. "Oh my God! Jordan I am so sorry! I didn't mean to! Go-" I started.
Jordan chuckled. "It's okay" he whispered. "Is there anything I can do?" I asked him. He stared up at me, looking in my eyes. "Kiss my cheek better?" He asked. I laughed and shook my head "Whatever you say"  and I bent down, placing my lips on his cheek. He smiled and I rose back up. "Wait!" He said and I stopped, looking at him. He just stared at me. "My uh..My  lips hurt too" He said.
I giggled. I licked my lips as he licked his, and stared down at him.
I started to lean forward and he began to rise up. We were inches apart, with our noses barely touching. I broke the gap, and kissed him. He was taken back at first, but then kissed me back. Our lips moved in perfect sync, and when I kissed Jordan, all my troubles washed away. I forgot about the accident. I forgot about my parents. I even forgot about Jack. Jordan grabbed onto my waists, pulling me closer to him when all of a sudden, my phone rang.
'Dammit' I thought to myself. I sighed and picked up my phone from my bed.
My heart stopped.
'Jack' it read.
You see, he stopped calling me the day that I left home, and met up with Jordan. I haven't heard from him since, but this was the first time he has called since then. I wasn't sure if I should pick it up or not. Then his name disappeared.
I sighed. "You should talk to him." Jordan spoke, rising from the bed. I looked up at him. "But I have to know something first" He said. "Did you feel something too, or was that just me?"
I definitely felt something when I kissed Jordan. I slowly nodded at him. "I felt something too" I whispered. Then he kissed me again, unexpectedly. When he pulled away he smiled "talk to him" I nodded and then all of a sudden, my phone started to ring again. I looked down to see Jack was calling me again. I took a deep breath then slowly pushed the green answer button.
"Hello?" I said
"Channing?" The voice muttered.

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