This Is Our Story...(Jack Gilinsky Love Story)

So this is what it feels like to fall in love. This is what it feels like to be love and be loved by Jack Gilinsky. You may not have known him, but he was my first and last love. He was everything to me and the day I lost him, I lost my world. . Our love was as passionate as Romeo and Juliet's-As strong as Augustus and Hazel's-Our love was long lasting. And this? This is our story.


3. Channing and Jack

I set Casey back down on the ground and shook the boy's hand. "Hey, I'm Jack." He stated. I smiled at him and told him my name. I sat down by them and Dakota came running towards me sitting on my lap. "You may be younger than me, but just remember this. You are a lot bigger than you used to be when you were five." I grunted as he  jumped on me. Jack laughed at what I had said but continued to look out on the lake. All the kids were called over to the picnic table to start eating as the adults went out on the boat. I stood up and invited Jack to eat with us.

As we walked over towards the kids, Jack spoke. "I have heard much about you." He smiles.

"Oh really?" I said raising my eyebrows. He chuckled and nodded his head. To be honest with you, I am not really 'boy-crazy'. But damn Jack was pretty cute. He was tan and tall with dark brown hair and these chocolate brown eyes that I just melted into. Plus he was rather muscular, which was a huge turn on. And his smile-No, Channing. You just met this kid literally 10 minutes ago. "They told me that you were the 'child-whisperer' and that you were fun, pretty, and funny!" Jack stated. I raised my eyebrow at the 'pretty' part but smiled.

"I have my moments." I laughed and ran towards the kids with Jack following me. Jack and I sat down at the picnic table with 8 other kids. And Jack and I talked a bit more. He told me how his friends just left since Jack hadn't arrived at the campsite until this morning and that they have been gone for nearly an hour and a half. He also said that he'd like me to meet all of his friends and that we would get along really well. That his friends and himself like to make stupid but funny videos.

After we were all finished eating, Casey sat on my lap and asked me to sing her the song I use to sing her to sleep. She nestled against me as I started to sing.

"L-is for the way you look at me. O-is for the only one I see. V-is very very extraordinary. E-is even more than anyone that you adore. and Love is all that I can give to you. Love is more than just a game for too." As I started to end the song, Casey was fast asleep in my arms. I smiled at her then looked up to see Jack staring at me. I gave him a faint smile then turned my attention back towards Casey.

Jack Gilinsky:

Casey had asked Channing to sing to her, and as Channing sang, I was so mesmerized. I only just met this girl and I wanted to be hers. Her voice was so soothing, I just closed my eyes as I listened in. Then once she had finished, I just stared at her. Channing was so beautiful. I don't know why, but I wanted her. I usually go for the easy girls who everyone wants to be with, but this time, I wanted the girl no one knew. She had told me how she has always been homeschooled and didn't know that much people other than a few close friends. I wanted this different girl. She had this short brown hair that barely went past he shoulders, these amazing blue ocean eyes, and she was rather tall. And her lips were just so round a perfect. I never knew someone could be so perfect. I've known this girl for 45 minutes, and I probably had the biggest crush ever.

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