Run Aways

"You and me away from here."


3. {Chapter 3} So Close But So Far.

{Chapter 3} So Close But So Far

~Audrey's pov~

Pounding on walls make my eyes shoot open. I lift my head up. Darren is nailing wood on my windows.

"What are you doing?" I ask.

"Keeping you home. I know you went out last night and it's not going to happen again." He says. My eyes widen. How did he find out? No, no, no, he can't do this! I suddenly find myself trying to pull him away from the window.

"Knock it off already will you." He sternly says. He pushes me away from him. I push my fingers through my hair in frustration.

"All done. By the way you won't be getting out of this door either. Locks on the outside." He laughs and shuts my door. I hear a click from the door and fall back onto my bed. I grab my old flip phone out of my dresser and text Niall.

*i know you're at school now but emergency... Darren literally has me locked in my room* I send. I grab my bag from under the bed and slowly start unpacking my clothes. Why did I think I could actually leave and live on my own. Foolish girl Darren's voice fills my head.

Where would we even go? Where would we live? Would we even make it? More doubts about leaving taking over all other thoughts. My phone buzzes and I pick it up.

*Make it midnight I meet you and do you have something with a long thin tip you can unlock the door then.* I read from him.

*There's a bobby pin will that work?*

*It will but you're going to have to split it.* he sends back.

*Okay midnight it is.* I send and set it back down. I grab the clothes I unpacked and start folding them. I here footsteps coming upstairs. I throw my bag under my bed and grab a book from the edge of my bed. He bursts in.

"Hungry?" He asks.

"Yeah I'd rather not starve to death anytime soon." He rolls his eyes and throws a banana onto my bed. He closes the door and I hear that small click again. I eat the banana then I grab a bobby pin off the top of my dresser and pull the two ends and set it on my bed.

I go under my bed and grab my bag. I fold the rest of the clothes and put them back in my bag. I grab a small box from my dresser filled with some of my mom's things. Her favorite necklace and earrings, a picture of her and me, and her wedding picture with my real dad. I put the things back in the tiny box and set it in my bag. I zipper my bag up. I can do this.

~Niall's pov~

I empty my school bag out and start shoving clothes and other things in it. I zip it up and set it next to the window. I take a pen and a piece of paper.

Dear Mom,

I know this will sadden you, but I have left last night. I hope you'll find this before you start worrying to much. I'm going to be fine and I hope you will too. I love you and I hope you leave him soon, I can't stand to think that you'd still be with him while I'm gone. I want to thank you for being the best mom ever I hope to see you again. I love you so much, goodbye.



I set the note down onto my pillow. I take one last look at my room and grab my backpack. I climb out of the window for the last time and jump down. I look back at my house and I start walking to Zayn's house.

I knock on the garage door. Zayn sadly smiles and leads me in. All the boys head sadly look up at me.

"I can't believe your actually leaving." Liam speaks up.

"I know, I'm really sad about leaving you guys." say. They all stand up to hug me.

"Hey um we got you a going away present." Harry sniffs his nose.

"Lads you really didn't have to." I say.

"Yes we did." Lou says handing me a new guitar.

"I can't take this." I say.

"Yes you do." Zayn says. I strum the strings.

"The last practice with you. I don't think we'll ever be able to replace you." Harry says. Breaking up the conversation Zayn's phone rings. He walks over and answers.

"Hello, Really? Yes that would be amazing. Thank you thank you so much." Zayn says into the phone and hangs up.

"Boys we just got signed!" He shouts excitedly. They all cheer and hug each other.

"We did it!" Liam shouts. I pull a smile even though it's killing me. All the cheering ends and they all look back at me.

"You sure you want to leave?" Liam asks.

"No honestly not." I say.

"Okay well why don't you just move in here?" Zayn asks.

"I can't it's not far enough." I say thinking of Audrey.

"Why you think you dads going to come hunt you down?" Lou laughs.

"Not my dad." I say.

"Who's then?" Harry asks.

"Audrey's." I say sadly.

"Why does her dad matter?" Liam asks.

"Because I was going to run away with her tonight." I say.

"Oh. Well I have an idea. We can keep you both here for a little bit but then were going to have to move to be closer to the company anyway." Zayn says.

"That sounds great actually." I say.

"He's staying! More celebration!" Lou yells. I laugh.

"I guess so." I smile.

Audrey's pov~

I wait and wait for the clock to change to 11:55 P.M. I pace back and forth in my room watching the clock. I watch as the four turns into a five. I can do this I'm ready. I take the bobby pin and put it in the little hole on the handle. I hear a click and smile. It actually worked.

I sling my bag onto my shoulders and slowly open my door. I walk down the carpet stairs as quietly as possible. I walk into the kitchen and grab fruit off the table and put it in my bag. I walk to the back door and freeze in my steps. Darren stands up from the chair.

"I knew you were going to be out here again." He says.

"I, I just wanted some fresh air." I stutter.

"No you weren't. You were leaving." He says.

"I wasn't." I say. He walks towards me.

"I don't tolerate lying." He pushes me back. "And you know that." He pushes me once more causing me to fall. I hit my head on a step. I hold my head in pain. I remove my hand from my head and see red on the tips of my fingers.

"What did I ever do to deserve this?" I ask him sobbing. He doesn't answer. He walks over to my cold body. I hear footsteps from the pathway. I slowly turn my head and see Niall.

"Who are you? Get out of here." Darren shouts.

"Um Niall sir." He shally says.

"I suggest you'd be leaving." Darren's fist tighten up.

"Don't hurt Niall...Please." My voice squeaks.

"Ah shut up." Darren's foot swings impacting my stomach. I groan and hold my stomach.

"Stop!" Niall shouts. Darren walks off the small porch towards him.

"Niall run!" I try shout but all it sounds like a quiet whisper. "Niall!" I try again but nothing. Darren gets closer to him and Niall pushes him back.

"I wouldn't of done that." Darren fist swings forward connecting with Niall chin.

"No!" I try to scream out again. I see his knees go weak making him fall to the ground. No, no, no! Darren walks away and back into the house. I drag myself onto the grass. I stop once I get to Niall. Tears fill my eyes. I take his hand, interlocking his fingers with mine.

"Everything will be okay." I say kissing his cheek. "Thank you."

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