Run Aways

"You and me away from here."


2. {Chapter 2} Together You And Me

Audrey's pov~

My eyes flutter open I'm still on the floor, cold, and alone. I try to stand up and I grab the end of my bed for support. My body falls back onto the bed. I push myself back to sitting and try to stand again.

I shakily walk to the bathroom, scared to wake him. I put on the sink and splash water on my face. I look up at the dusty old mirror. My fingers trace the black and blue mark on my cheek. I take a deep breath out. I can't go out like this. I take a hat and make it cover my cheek. This looks absolutely ridiculous, I laugh at my reflection.

Well I guess this will have to do then. I walk quietly back to my room to change. I walk down the stairs freshly changed and ready to go. I pick up the piece of paper from him. The top says (shopping list, better be done by the time I wake up ~Darren) and I start reading the list. I grab money from a drawer in the kitchen and walk out of the house. I quickly start walking to the Target down the road.

The doors of the store slide open and I grab a cart. I feel like I'm sprinting through the store to make sure I make it before he wakes up. I'm out of breath when I make to the cashier. I load everything on the station and wait for her to scan all the items.

I have all the bags in the cart. I keep pushing the cart hoping no one sees me taking the cart out of the lot. It's not like I'm going to keep it. I run with all the energy I have left pushing the cart. The door opens in front of me.

"You're late." He says impatiently.

"I'm so sorry I didn't.." He cuts Me off mid sentence with another slap like yesterday. My head starts spinning making me fall to my knees.

"I said have them here before I got up. Now get up and bring the bags in." He says to me tapping me with his foot. He walks back into the kitchen.

"Bastard." I say under my breath. I slowly get back up holding the walls so I don't fall again. I grab all the bags from the cart and walk through the door way of the kitchen. I set the bags back down and hold my head in front of him.

"You're fine, now go make my eggs." He says. I grab the egg carton out of one of the bags and start making them. I flip the eggs adding seasonings to them. I turn the stove off and walk to him. I slide the eggs onto his plate and place the pan in the sink.

"Milk or orange juice?" I quietly ask.

"What do you think neither of them. Just hand me a beer from the fridge." He says.

"Alright." I say opening the fridge. I grab one and hand it to him.

"Did you buy more I'm almost out?" He asks.

"I've told you I can't buy it. I'm not old enough." I say.

"Fuck." He says angrily. "Clean the kitchen." He walks out drinking from the bottle and I start cleaning the kitchen.

Niall's pov~

I arrange my pillows to make

It look like I'm sleeping and head to the window. I carefully jump out and start waking to Zayn's house.

The garage door opens just as I'm about to knock. All of the guys are scattered around the room. Zayn walks up to me.

"Where's your guitar? We have to practice today." He asks.

"My dad smashed it." I sadly say.

"What a dick." Louis blurts out. "Sorry."

"I said the same thing." I say and sit on the couch. "I have no Idea how I'm supposed to get the money to buy a new one."

"For starters you might want to get a job. We don't know if we're going to get signed or not." Liam says.

"Yeah I know." I sigh.

"Well we have to practice. Play air guitar for now." Harry laughs.

"I guess it will have to do." I smile.

~1 hour later~

"Alright lads let's call it a night." Louis says.

"Night guys." I say waving and walking out of the garage. I take my phone out of my pocket. I scroll till I see Audrey.

*Meet at our special spot?* I send.

*I'll try to get out.* I read and start walking there.

~Audrey's pov~

I walk to Darren's bedroom door and press my ear against it. I hear a light snore, I'm good to go. I take slow and steady steps to make sure he doesn't hear. I open the back door and slowly shut it.

I walk on a small pathway to meet Niall. Almost every step there's a crunch from twigs beneath my feet. I walk into the small area surrounded by hedges and a park bench right in the center. I see him taping his leg up and down waiting for me.

He looks at me and stands up. He smiles, his smile could brighten the whole world and more. He walks to me and holds me tightly. I wish I could pause this moment in time and just stay here. He lets go off me and l look into his blue eyes. He puts his hand on my cheek and I wince.

"Audrey what's this?" He asks looking at the mark.

"It's nothing. It's fine." I lie.

"Tell me what happened. Did he do something to you?" He asks worriedly. I stay silent. "Audrey, did he do this or not?" Tears fill my eyes. He takes my hand and we sit on the grass.

I slowly nod. "Yes." I finally make out. He puts his arm around me holds me tight.

"I could of been there and made sure it didn't happen again." He says quietly.

"No it's because I tried to run away." I say.

"We could run away. You and me away from this awful place." He says.

"Where would we go?" I ask him.

"I don't know. I just want away from this." He says.

"I've been living in hell since my mom died. I would love be away from this." I say.

"I know, I know." He strokes my shoulder. "Meet me here tomorrow with your bag packed at 11:30 P.M." He says.

"Are you, are you serious?" I ask.

"Yes we both want out of this town, here's our chance." He says and stands up. He pulls me up off the ground and gives me a long hug. He leans back and kisses my four head.

"See you at 11:30." He winks at me. I smile at start back down the path. I can't hide my smile Walking back into my house. I can't believe we're actually going to do this.

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