"I'm not a tease, I'm just a reminder of what you can't have"


8. Olive Garden


we get to Olive Garden and we walk in and  sit down.

''Hey, my name is Joe and I'll be your server. What would you like to drink'' he says smiling at me and only me.

''I'll take sweet tea.'' I say then the girls say what they want.

'' ok i'll be back in a couple minutes.'' Joe says looking at me. I smile. he walks away.

''He's hot.'' Ariana says.

'' yeah and he totally digs Anna.'' Camilla says.

'' No he doesn't'' I say. we all looks at our menus

'okay here's your drinks and What would you like to eat.'' he says.

Ariana tells what she wants then Cher then me.

'' I'll take the Chicken Alfredo'' I say.

than Camilla goes. All the girls were flirting with him but me. He's hot and i do have a crush but I don't have time for a relation ship I don't believe and love and I can't trust anyone knowing that they will just go and break your heart. No one will ever understand my weirdness anyway.

"Earth to Anna" Cher says waving her hand and snapping me out of my thoughts

"Are you gonna??" Ariana ask

"Oh yeah sorry " I said laughing and blushing clearly embarrassed.

"It's ok I think it's cute" he says.

I blush even more.

"I'll take what ever she wants" I say pointing to Ariana .

"Ok I will go and I'll bring you Salad back." He says

" why didn't you help me you idiots" I say.

"Because it was cute if I was you I would get with that" Camilla says.

"No he is ugly" I say maybe to loud because he was ring behind us.

Cher bust out laughing. He comes up to the table and gives us the salad and breadsticks not saying a word and looking down and blue. I felt bad but we aren't even going to see each other after this so whatever.

We put a little salad and a bread stick on our plate. We talk and talk and talk until our food comes.

" will you need anything else"he says

" no thank you"I say and he walks away.

We eat and I get up to go to the bathroom.

I bump into someone and see its joe.

"I'm so sorry" he says helping me up.

"It's fine" I say.

" hey I know I just met you but can I have your number" he says

"Sure" and I find it to him than I use the restroom and we all leave.

A/n just a filler the real drama starts in a couple more chapter.

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