"I'm not a tease, I'm just a reminder of what you can't have"


7. Mall with these Wierdos <3

We pulled in to the mall.

"They said they will meet us in Forever 21" Ariana said

"Kk" I say

We got out and walked to the front. But ya know who we saw making out by the door. Justin and his ratchet girlfriend named Selena..

"GET A ROOM" I yelled making Ariana laugh.

"We can do whatever we want." Selena say

"I didn't say you couldn't I said get somewhere. I didn't know you're that stupid" I said walking into the mall.

"You totally just called Selena stupid" Ariana says

"I know. Someone has to put her in her place" I say.

We go into forever21.

"There you guys go. Now let's go shopping for the cruise" Camilla says.

"Okay so my mom says they have a pool. And we have to dress fancy for dinner because you can't eat at the restaurant" I say

"Well let's shop for during the day clothes." Cher says.

"And the clothes for when we go to the Bahamas" Ariana said.

"Let's shop in here first." I say.

I saw a cute shirt for 4th of July and bought it cause it will be the 4th on the boat and it was going to be a big party. I got some shorts that match.

"Okay what about new bathing suits." Camilla asks.

"Traingl.com duhh" I say they laugh.

We all took a pic for insta and the caption was. Mall with these Wierdos.

Next we went to Victoria Secret,Brandymelville, Sophora, and more.

"I'm exhausted" Camilla said sitting on the bench.

"So am I how about we all go eat." I say.

"That sound wonderful" Ariana says.

We all get up and leave the mall.

"Let's go to Olive Garden." Cher says.

"I'm in how about you" I ask Camilla and Ariana. They agree and we get going.

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