cara-lee | l.s.

A horse jockey, a school boy, and a pairs upon pairs of numbers interlace together to create an expedition. What are your numbers?


1. one


Belmont Horse Tracks, Long Island, New York.


The vivacity, the buzz of the races, the turmoil. The way the gates let down their rusted guards at the loud mouthed announcer balling: "Annnnnd, they're off!". Everything mentioned above was15 year old Louis Tomlinson's ideal relaxation day. Being part of  a "Brady Bunch" kind of family, there wasn't really time for bonding with his parentals. That was until Louis' step-dad introduced him to the acclaimed horse races. It started with only on Father's Day, then the first Monday of every month. It was like this for a while because Louis himself was not old enough to bet on the jockeys himself, he had to bashfully ask his Step-father between every race (practically 20 minutes). After the rightful age of setting his money down, (18 years old) the two were going every Tuesday. Daniel would pick him up at his chinsy apartment at around 12:00, Buy a pair of lunches at the local deli, and they were long gone over their heads until supper time. It wasn't until the he had lived through 21 birthdays that Louis William Tomlinson wanted to pick up the fulfillment of being a jockey for Belmont. It took quite some time, since his family didn't have the backyard to hold his own horse, but he practiced with the racing horses there. And he felt at home, even though he didn't sleep in the horse barns or eat the same hay they did. Thanks to his new jockey acquaintance, Brooks, he soon entered the betting papers with ease and flying colors. He didn't specifically own a horse, due to the problems mentioned earlier, but he did proclaim that he owned some of the favored horses their. Like Little Miss Monaco, Forensic, Seven of Clubs, and a handful more. Two of which were of a fair, beige shade.

Now, at 23, Louis was making pristine income. He loved his "job", and life was pretty trustworthy. His number, 11, was worn by gobs of revering fans. But, his favorite admirers were the ones of his blood. Newly born brother and sister; Ernest and Doris (yes, they are twins) have every material merchandise from number 11 beanies, to number 11 footies, to number 11 mittens. "His" horses were happy, and more importantly, he was happy.

Meanwhile, only a sheer 100 feet away from him and his trotting partner, a victim of very severe deja vu (it becomes a disorder in some serious cases) and social anxiety lays with his horse betting papers crippled before him as he reads. It is crumpled because it's a nuisance just being there. Those 80,000 eyes probably being a peeping tom and looking into his very soul bugged him to the very severe limit. He knew this was the right place, the right time, and the right boy he was currently pinning his vision on the big screen. The big screen that gathered pixels to display Louis.

Number 11.

You see, Harry Styles was succumbed to multiple admissions to the ER because of his supposed "insanity". The therapists were finally convinced that he has gone off his rocker when he started chanting: "I need to find what those -numbers- are about!?". Ah, yes, just recently he got released from that dreaded hospital. But, it wasn't just insanity, or random digits for Harry. They were his life dependent. Harry thinks- no, Harry knowst hat he lived a past life with Louis Tomlinson. He is one of the lucky people who remembers their reincarnated past selves. In the years of maybe, 1955-1964 Harry took the body of a young boy by which the name of doesn't come clear to him. Louis' re-enacted soul was in a blushing little lass, the same age as Harry's person was, named Cara. And, back then, It wasn't Harry that was the disabled one, but Louis, or Cara. The hallucinated girl's speech was always interrupted with random bits of numbers for example:

" I agree with that- 3, 4, 6, 95...7, 9, 1, 105...But don' t you think it should be the other way around?"

Harry, wholeheartedly believing those numbers had some use, scribbled them down as they tumbled out of Cara's mouth subconsciously. And, in the little boy's life time of knowing Cara, he never did figure out what all those silly numbers meant. Until, he died and birthed into Harry Styles.

It took a while to figure out what these random codes meant. First, he had to put two and two together and locate Louis himself. After completing that, he had to somehow connect the numbers to the lad. Which was fairly easy, being you could bet on the same horses with numbers that Louis participated in.

The first three numbers, for example: 1, 2, 3. Were the horses you bet on when the jockeys spun them around the tracks, They had to finish in the order you bet them in. So in this instance, number 1 must be in first, number 2 needs to take second, and so on. Now, the fourth number, let's say 145, was the money you earned if your bet won. It was all very clear to Harry Styles. Being a naturally adept boy. He had waited a full lifetime for these numbers to make some sort of sense. And now, all he had to do was put his bettings in, and pray to the gods his inquiry was correct.

The numbers: 9, 11, 5, 524.

Looks like Louis is in Harry's betting. What a coincidence.

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