She Looks So Perfect || Luke Hemmings

Rose was a big fan of 5SOS, she went to their meet and greet when Luke Hemmings fell in love with her... READDD sorry I suck at writing a short thing about the story xx


2. Chapter Two


          Luke's POV: 


  When Caitlyn and her friend left I felt sad, I don't know why. I should've gave her something, my number or something. We took millions of selfie that I requested and that I will post. OH RIGHT. Twitter I can DM her. 


"Hey mate, what's up?" Calum asked,

"Hey Cal," I said,

"Do you remember, Caitlyn's twitter? I forgot it," I admitted and he laughed,

"I think it was cait_is_a_penguin, I've mentioned her quiet a lot," he said and I nodded,

"Thanks mate," I said searching 'Cait_Is_A_Penguin' and I found her! I looked at her latest tweet and for some reason I felt extremely happy. 


 cait_is_a_penguin: omgomgomgomg Luke is just a bowl of hotness with a pinch of cuteness, he's just asdfghjkl; i can't even. 


Luke5SOS: Just a pinch? :( I'm so sad, I WILL POST THE SELFIES WE TOOK! 


cait_is_a_penguin: DON'T YOU DAREEEEEE HEMMINGS 


Luke5OS: Why :( you look beautiful! I then posted the pictures of us and fans retweeted. 


I smiled at the fact that she started yelling at me to put it down. 


"Why is he smiling like an idiot?" Mikey asked,

"This is why," Ash said and showed him his phone,

"Hm?" I asked,

"Oh, you and that Caitlyn, her friend was really annoying," Mikey said sitting down next to me,

"She, she was beautiful though, and she has a fun personality once she opens up," Ash said and I nodded, slightly jealous that he thought she was beautiful too. 

"Lukey, what are you thinking?" Calum asked,

"I don't know," I admitted throwing my phone,

"DM her," Ash said,

"Oh, right," and they laughed, I took my phone and I saw loads of tweets from fans but I looked at Cait's tweet,


cait_is_a_penguin: check your DM 


Luke5SOS: I was going to DM you, ugh you keep beating me at everything. #lifesnotfair 


cait_is_a_penguin: hahaha not my fault you kinda suck at FIFA


Luke5SOS: I will beat you next time, dundundun ;) 


"Seriously," Calum said looking at me and I shrugged,


"I don't know," I said. 


Caitlyn's POV: 


LUKE FREAKING HEMMINGS AND I HAD SUCH A GREAT TIME! OMG I WAS FANGIRLING LIKE CRAZY LAST NIGHT. But the weird thing is, I just saw him as a person not a singer. 


Me: Hi Luke c: it's Caitlyn from yesterday :p 


Luke5SOS: of course I know who you are! 


Me: Haha, well what's up? 


Luke5SOS: Hey you know that, um, idk you know how 1D has this tour, and um you should come with us. Wait ofcourse if you don't want to. Um 


Me: Omg yes! 


No, that didn't happen. My heart pounded like crazy and I just stood still for like 30 minutes before Calum tweeted me: 


@Calum5SOS: I guess we have @cait_is_a_penguin joining us on tour with @onedirection! 


@Cait_is_a_penguin: I guess! xx @Calum5SOS 


@Luke5SOS: So glad I asked :) you're a cool person Cait @cait_is_a_penguin 


@Ashton5SOS: Yeah she's just a "cool person" well played Luke... @Luke5SOS


@Luke5SOS: Shut up Ash. 


@Michael5SOS: Yay! 


  My hair was in a messy bun, I was wearing a white top and some sleeping shorts, I checked the time, it was 4. Ugh. I decided to sleep since it was pretty late. I closed the lights and crawled up on my bed and put my blankets on. 


"Mum can I go on tour with 1D and 5SOS?" I asked,

"For summer," I added, it took an hour of convincing until she said Yes. I was so happy and exited and can't wait to hang out with 5SOS and 1D, Luke mostly. I was wearing a Baseball tee with ripped black jeans and floral doc martens and my hair was wavy again. It was neat though. I took Harry Potter: Deathly Hollow, since I love to reread that book and took my backpack and started my car. I drove to Starbucks and sat there peacefully. I took out my laptop and tweeted the picture of an empty chair infront of me and wrote: Lonely in Starbucks :( and then I shut my laptop when I heard screaming fans. When I saw Luke and Calum, my heart started to beat really fast when they went in Starbucks. I looked like a mess, no makeup (though I didn't have any pimples) 


"There you are, Luke insisted on scouting you, do you know how many Starbucks there is, in the city of California?" Calum asked and I laughed, fans went inside as Luke and Calum sat in front of me, 

"You're no longer alone," Luke said smiling, oh god he was so cute. I laughed. 

"Harry Potter, hmm," he said,

"What? You don't like Harry Potter?" I asked,

"Oh I do," and that's when fans asked for signings and so we just left. 



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