Why everyone is talking about John Green

John Green has taken us all by storm, but what is it about 'The Fault In Our Stars' which is making teenagers across the globe go crazy for Green?


1. Why everyone is talking about John Green

John Green’s ‘The Fault In Our Stars’


Do you want to read another teen romance written by Youtube sensation, John Green? Hazel recently celebrated her “thirty-third half birthday” however she has more life experience than you, me and John green put together. This heart-breaking yet heart-warming novel shows John Green at his best and oh is it good. 

The Fault In Our Stars
By John Green

The protagonist, Hazel Lancaste, spends the duration of the book suffering from a terminal illness. However, the suffering does not represent anything and in a way the reader is not supposed to feel sympathetic towards Hazel. It’s just what it is, suffering. Hazel is your typical teenage girl who watches trashy TV and gets emotionally attached to books and poems which consume her dream-like life. Alongside these ordinary teen traits, she quite literally falls’ head-over-heels in love with a former cancersufferer, Augustus Waters, who’s a boy who clenches death between his teeth and refuses to let it slip away. Augustus is a young boy who’s beautiful inside and out (ideal) and it’s evident what attracts Hazel to him. Hazel and Augustus embark on a roller-coaster ride of emotions after meeting at a reflective, yet slightly dull support group. They experience love, sadness and romance all while searching for the author of their favourite book in the want and need for answers. 

Green allows Hazels’ and Augustus’ dry humour to be appreciated to its full potential. And despite everything, the beginning of the book is light-hearted, and from this point a connection with every single character can be formed. You can go from loving and caring for each character to witnessing them suffer. And believe me; it is just as hard to witness fictional characters suffer. But somehow Green writes a fictional cancer book and manages to fill it with romance and happiness; he lets the characters avoid the ‘brave’ label attached to terminally ill teenagers in books. He allows them to be who they truly are, just teenagers, beautiful,remarkable yet rebellious teenagers.

Augustus’ pure and simple love towards Hazel is inspiring. Despite knowing she will not live forever, he is aware she has the power to love forever. Augustus sticks to the statement “grief does not change you, it reveals you” this is a constant reminder to the audience that admitting defeat means death (I warned you it was a tear jerker). Augustus does his best to not conform to the hero of the book, but evidentially he saves Hazel Grace. The couple promise each other “maybe ‘okay’ will be our ‘always’” Green constantly adds these quirks to their relationship to indicate they are different from other teenagers, and the reader must be reminded of this. We must not forget that. Due to Hazel’s breathing difficulties the couple spend most of their time together reading, watching films and listening to music. They teach each other many important things, but most of all Augustus teaches Hazel to not feel sorry for heras her life could conclude any moment.

Green focuses heavily on the importance of family and the parallels between life and death. As the reader, you almost feel guiltythat you can do nothing to help. But that’s the beauty of it, Hazel isn’t asking for help, she just wants to do as much as she can, as fast as she can. As you may be aware by now, this is a goofy teen romance with a twist. Augustus and Hazel want answers from their favourite author about how the end of their favourite book ends. However it becomes clear this is not the only answer they are searching for, and this is not the only conclusion that will complete them.

I’ll warn you this is not a chick-lit, nor is it a romantic comedy - but its witty sentences’, heart touching characters and insightful observations make this book one which simply won’t be able to put down. And when you do put it down it will suffocate your thoughts for the remainder of your week. Green well and truly mastered the famous and truly over-used plot twist at the end of the book and trust me; you will feel like your heart has been wrenched viciously from your body.

The reader is shown the realistic, agonizing and harrowing moments of living with a terminal illness. Every time Hazel and Augustus get knocked down, which is a recurring theme in the novel, they get back up just as fast, if not, faster. Despite the main characters avoiding sentimentality, their fondness and want for possession towards each other is clear. Unlike the Twilight series their magic is real (no fairy dust is required). The book poses the question: what is the point in being alive if there is no love, joy and in your life?

Ensure you mentally prepare yourself for the roller-coaster of emotions you will without a doubt encounter while reading this book. Alongside my recommendation of John Greens’ ‘The Fault In Our Stars’, I also recommend a packet (or two) of tissues to help you along the ride.

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