Ignorance is Bliss

No one ever imagined that this is what the world be like after the Nazis won. No one ever imagined that no would mean the end of your life. No one ever imagined a world where ignorance is heaven.


2. Chapter One

They tell you have to die for your country, for your Fühur but I never thought that meant I would have to leave my whole life behind. They said I was elite that I was the best of the best, the one that everyone should look up to, that I was the future of the Fatherland - who could refuse? I know what you`re thinking: Why didn’t I refuse? Why didn’t I say no? No does not exist in this world. People who say no disappear. I don`t want to disappear. I mean how hard could it be being the future of the Fatherland? My brother says they`ll make me dye my hair, that I`ll come back and I won`t be his sister anymore. “You won`t be you anymore Gretel, they`ll make you into them”. I hated him in that moment. But sitting in this train, staring out through the window with a teary view, all I wish is that he was here. “Chin up Gretel” I told myself, “You are the future and no one can take that away from you, especially not Christophe.”

 “Excuse me,” my head snapped up. “Can I sit here?” a meek voice asked. I blinked twice before answering.   

“Of course. It’s ok, I`m not like those wolves in there.”

A small smile spread across the golden haired, blue eyed beauty. She looked like she was made of china; a single wisp of wind would come along and break her in half. “How`d you get in then if you’re not a wolf?” I smiled. “That’s a good question,” I muttered.


“They want you to go to the Adolf Hitler School for Girls.”


The pride was radiating from her. “Yes you!” Frau Austerlitz exclaimed before reaching over and grabbing my wrist with such strength that an SS man would be proud of, “You, Gretel, are the future of our great Fatherland.”

 “What if I don’t want to?” I breathed. Frau Austerlitz’s grip got tighter, and she pulled me in closer, so that I was looking directly into her black, soulless eyes. “Listen to me Gretel Hilβburg, you will do this, you will serve your country, you will serve your Fühur because we all know what happens when you say no,” she snarled, before recoiling back into her seat and putting on her sickly sweet smile. “Now I’ll send them your answer tomorrow and before you know it you’ll be doing my job.”

 I swallowed and plastered a smile on my face. “You may go,” I walked calmly and precisely to the door and then, as soon as the door closed, I ran.

“Excuse me.” I started awake and found the china girl standing over me. “It’s time to get off the train.” I jumped up and stood to attention. I followed the china girl to the platform. There was a high pitched scream from a whistle and the sound of feet coming to attention. There was silence, the opening of a door and then the quiet click of footsteps on the pavement.

“Guten Morgen girls!” The woman standing before us was the one who had the only key that unlocked our freedom. The long golden locks that were tied tight at the back and the sharp blue eyes that saw everything, that knew everything and a posture that demanded competence.

“My name is Ertga Bachmeier and I will be your Commandent for as long as you remain here.” Her voice started to change, there was threat hiding in the tone and every single syllable pronounced was perfect. “I don’t like the weak and I cannot stand foolish little girls, liars will not be tolerated and the lazy and tardy are a threat to us all.  This is not the playground anymore girls, this is the choice between whether you live or you die so if you`re not ready to make that decision, then there’s the door because I am not in the business of wasting my time with cowards. And so, with that final thought in your pretty little heads, may the strong prevail and the weak be caught!"

One of the other officers stepped forward. "Heil Hitler!"

And with practiced precision all 78 girls chanted together:  "Heil Hitler!"  As quickly as she had come, Ertga Bachmeier was gone. But nothing about her visit was so easily forgot.

A short beefy woman stepped forward with a double chin that wobbled every time she uttered a word. "Everyone in front go with Frau Weber and everyone in back with me!" Her voice was gruff and a crime to the ears. Every one walked to their allocated positions and began to prepare for the march with silence.

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