Adopted by 5SOS?!

Ananda (Andy) was in an adoption home called Homez for Kidz. Every one hated her... EVERYONE. She was put into the orphanage when she was aboandoned. She always got adopted but got put back. What if someone or somePEOPLE want to adopte her?


9. 9

 Andy's POV


 about 30 minutes after I made the nick names, the boys came back from the studio.

"Hey Cake! Hey Penguin! Hey my Kangaroo! Hey my little crayon!!!" I yelled

"huh"? mikey said

"I made you all nicknames! Luke is lukey, daddy, or penguin. Michael is mikey or crayon, because he dyes his hair ALOT. Ashton is ash or my kangaroo cause when he plays the drums, I think of kangaroos. And Calum is Cal or cake. Just cause he tried to touch my cake and he got his hand slapped."

"Ohhhhh" they all said.

"And sometimes, I will call you my little peasents" I finished

"wait why didn't you share any cake with Calum?" Ashton asked "Because my little kangaroo, nobody touches my food. Not even the orphanage would. Not only did they think I had STDs, I punched a kid when he touched my sandwich." "okay i'm not gonna touch your food anymore. And I promise you... We'll but you more cake" 

"wait.... what do you mean MORE cake?" I said getting very angry and suspicious.

"heh heh..... We might have found your cake and ate it ALL....." mikey said


"oh god"


"guys.... Run!"



I began to run after them, then I finally caught Calum, and I think I put him in my room. "If you move... you don't wanna see me mad" I had finally caught the rest, and I put them all in my room, and said the same thing to them. After I had rounded them in my room, I had also went up there and when I went inside my room, I had seen all the boys shaking. 

I chuckled "What have we learned today pesants?"

"Not to touch your food with out asking" lukey said.

"good" :D "you may all leave"

"YAYYYY" the boys yelled "I love you all! And you daddy!"

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