Adopted by 5SOS?!

Ananda (Andy) was in an adoption home called Homez for Kidz. Every one hated her... EVERYONE. She was put into the orphanage when she was aboandoned. She always got adopted but got put back. What if someone or somePEOPLE want to adopte her?


14. 13

After my nap, i went to go take a shower. I put on turn down for what in my speakers. After my shower, I went to go change. I changed into a batman shirt and my yellow shorts and some black converse.

As I walked downstairs, I saw one direction at the table.

"Finally! The princess is here" Calum said.

There was food on the table so I ran over and quickly dug in.

"Um. Hunny. Would you like to introduce yourself?" Harry asked.

I wiped my face and said "Oh my god. I am so sorry. I am ananda. But call me Andy. I just LIVE food!!"

Niall came and raised his hand up to high five me but I flinched and he put his hand back down. Aww. Now I fell bad. I made the Irish one sad. My little leprechaun!!

"Um. Andy. Are you okay...? You called me a leprechaun....." Niall said.

I blushed and dad said "she speaks her mind"

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