Adopted by 5SOS?!

Ananda (Andy) was in an adoption home called Homez for Kidz. Every one hated her... EVERYONE. She was put into the orphanage when she was aboandoned. She always got adopted but got put back. What if someone or somePEOPLE want to adopte her?


13. 12

AN// well, I put this story on Wattpad, and I hope you guys read it. I might start updating my other FanFic again too. Sorry I don't update as much. I'm in India, that's why. Well. BYEEEEE


Andy's POV/

When we got back home, I instantly jumped into the couch. Yes. I am a couch patato. But I'm not fat. Right? Meh. ANYWHORE.... Yes whore. I'm weird. Call me crazy. Actually call me Andy. Heh heh no? Okay.

"You know, some of us don't want you to think out loud" said Luke uh oh. I said that out loud? "Yes you did" said Michael.

"Heh heh oops" I said

"You ok there?" Asked Ashton

"Yeaaa" I said "why would you ask that?"

"Because you are saying your thoughts out loud." Dad said

"And get ready because one direction is coming for dinner in 2 hours"

"OMG 1D!! I WUV THEM!" I said fangirling. I ran upstairs and immediately took a nap.

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