Adopted by 5SOS?!

Ananda (Andy) was in an adoption home called Homez for Kidz. Every one hated her... EVERYONE. She was put into the orphanage when she was aboandoned. She always got adopted but got put back. What if someone or somePEOPLE want to adopte her?


12. 11

Luke's POV

We just went

Shopping with Andy and we promised her that we wouldn't spoil her. Well.... Too bad Andy. She looked a bit pissed cause we came out with 28 bags exactly. "I thought I said not to spoil me!" She yelled "heh heh..." Michael said "why wouldn't you wanna be spoiled?" I asked

"because you guys do so much for me anyway." She said softly. We gave her an 'awwwww' look.

and we drove back home.


Sorry I haven't been updating and I'm really sorry for giving you such short chapters. This is happening because I am in India and there is not that good of a wifi. And should I put this story on Wattpad?

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