Adopted by 5SOS?!

Ananda (Andy) was in an adoption home called Homez for Kidz. Every one hated her... EVERYONE. She was put into the orphanage when she was aboandoned. She always got adopted but got put back. What if someone or somePEOPLE want to adopte her?


1. 1- Introducing me.


   Hi my name is Ananda, but you can call me Andy. I live in a crappy adoption home called Homez for Kidz. The kids where nice for about 2 years then they became HELL!!! The adoption lady Ms.Cindy is really mean to me... All the girls are bitches and the boys are dicks! Oh well... Well lets get onto my information: I am 11... I was born on November 19,2002 

I'm more of a tom boy, like, you'll barely see me wearing heels... I normally wear allstars, vans, supras, boots, soccer, and basketball jerseys,  thatkinda stuff.... I play soccer and basketball.

Likes: Music, Food, Traveling, Skateboarding.

Hates, This hellhole, Haters, when people touch MY food, being called names, and someother stuff....

  I'm 5 foot and 2 inches, i have brown straight hair, I'm not skinny or fat.. I don't cut.... much...

Well thats it for me.... 

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