I Think About You

They've been friends for years but not once did Zoella think that there was more to them than that. Well that was until he came back with a girlfriend on his side. Blinded by rage and jealousy Zoella runs out of the place right into traffic. A oncoming driver hits her sending her to the ER, but luckily for her it wasn't that serious because the old man was only going 15MPH. It could have been lots worse. After a few weeks she comes with terms that she has feelings for Harry, and lets her best friend, who is also his best friend, know. Will their love story end happily?


1. Childhood (Prologue)

Zoella's POV:

"Mama do we really have to greet the new neighbors?" I whined.

"We have to be nice, unlike the rest of these snobby..." My mother rambled. I groaned as we walked up the drive. I remember the day we moved in, no one would say hello, instead they would sit on their porch giving us death glares. I looked around to see if old bag Mona was sitting on her porch. Nope. I turned my head as my mother knocked on the door. She wrapped her arm around me causing me to groan again. The door opened up to reveal a very beautiful woman and a young girl.

“Hello?” The woman said.

“Hi I am Rebekah and this is my daughter Zoella, we are your neighbors.” My mother smiled at her as she extended her hand.

“Nice to meet you, I am Annie and this is my daughter Gemma.” She smiled shaking my mother’s hand. “Why don’t you go get your brother Gemma.” The girl nodded and ran back into the house.

“I am probably the only one who will greet you.” My mother sighed.


“The others are very snobby.”

“Is that why they were looking at us like that?” She chuckled.

“Old bag Mona is the worst.” I spoke up.

“Zoella!” My mother gasped.

“No no it’s quite alright.” Annie chuckled. “She reminds me of my son Harry, he would always say the rudest things out of nowhere.”

“I only speak the truth mother.” I turned my head to see Gemma fighting the urge to wrap her hands around her brother’s neck.

“Speaking of my little devil, this is my son Harry.” Annie shook her head but a smile still lingered on her lips. “Harry this is Rebekah and her daughter Zoella.”

“You sure aren’t pretty.” He said bluntly staring at me. Gemma’s mouth dropped open along with Annie’s and my mothers.

“You’re one to talk.” I smiled at him. “You look like dog throw up.”

Gemma started laughing while Harry’s mouth dropped. Annie and my mother started laughing as well making me feel like I had won some kind of battle. Harry took a step closer to me staring into my eyes, I guess he was trying to make me feel little.

“I think we are going to be great friends.” He smiled at me.

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