Lock and Chain

(Explicit content- 16+) What do you long for? A beautiful house? An expensive car? Eternal happiness? Acceptance? All through her life, Kadence Emery has been bullied, rejected and chained up by her father. Other girls long for a beautiful body, a hot boyfriend, all the riches in the world. Kadence only longs for acceptance and a life that she is happy to live.


1. Prologue

I held the pills in my hand. Seven small pills. That is all it will take. It is the number that I have decided upon for the end. All I need to do is tip the pills into my mouth and swallow, then it will be over. I needn't do this any more. I can end it. Admittedly, this isn't the way I wanted my life to pan out. When I was about six-years-old, I made a very detailed plan of how I wanted my life to occur.

This is what I put:

-Pass all my school tests
-Go to big school
-Make lots of friends
-Pass my big school tests
-Go to bigger school
-Get a job
-Get married to a nice man
-Buy a pet doggie and a kitty
-Have my own baby
-Grow old and die when I'm wrinkly


My life did not happen like that. Although, I did do some of it. I passed all my tests in primary school, went on to secondary school, and... that's as far as I've got. Now, though, I'm bringing it to an end. I'm never going to go to 'bigger school' (university), get a job, get married, buy some pets, have a child or die when I'm wrinkly. I'm going to die soon. This is the only way to end it. End this suffering and this misery.

I held the pills in my hand, closed my eyes, and let the end take me.

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