He stole my heart

Rosie dreams of finding her TRUE love but,one day bumps into a boy named Niall. One day Niall and Rosie got in a car accident. While in a coma at the hospital Niall's Ex-girlfriend Victoria tries to get rid of Rosie. Read more to find out what happens


2. ~The sleepover~

Once Me, Rosie, and Angelina walked in through the appartment door, we saw Harry, Zayn, Louis, and Liam dancing to 'Girls just wanna have fun' on our Wii. Once they noticed we walked through the door they were instantly embarrassed.

"Who are those girls?" Zayn asks.

"This is Rosie, I meet her at Nando and this is her friend Angelina."l says while giggling at what they were dancing to.

"Laugh all you want Niall, I've seen you do more embarrassing stuff and I can tell Rosie and Angelina if I want to." Harry said with a smirk .

"You tell them anything and your dead meat!" I says while giving Harry the 'Death Stare'.

Once we all got to the Kitchen, We started to eat what we got from Nando's and, Angelina ate what she made from home....

"Do you guys...I mean girls, sing?" Liam asks

"Yeah a little but, were not famous like you guess are. Just average girls." I say while finishing up my dinner.

"You can't call yourself average until someone professional tells you if you are good or not. Can we hear you guys...I mean girls, sing?" Liam says while looking at me and looking at Angelina

"I dont sing at all though." Ange says

"Oh..." Liam says

"Well, if you want I guess I can. Can i barrow someones guitar?" Rosie says

"Yeah ill go get mine!" I says running to get my guitar

Once I got back i handed Rosie the guitar and my guitar chip.

"I didnt know you play guitar! You should have told me before." I say

"Yeah well im ganna play and sing 'Bubbly- Colbie Calat '."

~Rosie's P.O.V~

As i was singing the boys seemed to love it. Once i finnished the all gave a standing ovation! Making me blush.

"That was amazayn!!!" Louis said

"Amazayn voice Rosie!" Liam said

You sing and play the guitar so good." Niall says

"Super Great voice Rosie! And Louis and Liam can you please stop saying Amazayn, i thought we went over not to say that anymore." Zayn says

You have an AmaZAYN voice! harry says making all of us laugh

"Are you guys planning on spending the night?" Niall asks in a exciting voice while looking at me "oOoOoOoO Niall's got a crush!" Harry and Louis say while nudging Niall in the arm, Niall blushes and looks away.

"Well I guess since school doesn't start for a while but, I don't know if Angelina would like to spend the night. Ange do you want to stay?." I say "Of course I'd like to stay! Ange says while winking at Harry.

Niall smiled at me and, I could tell he was excited. After dinner we went to the sofa and sat down. "What kind of movie do you guys and umm.. gentlewomen  want to watch." Liam asks while looking at all of us.

"Liam that wasnt even funny, please just stop! Louis says

"A Scary movie!" Niall says while putting his hand around me

He thinks i'm scared of Scary movies. Scary movies are my favorite but I do enjoy being this close to him. I can't believe this isn't

Liam pops in a scary movie and, while it starts Niall start to put his arm around me because he could tell I would eventually get scared. Then Harry did the same to Angelina. Once the movie finished, I had fallen asleep in Niall Horan's arms.


I woke up forgetting where I was then, I looked to my side and saw Niall. His eyes were closed and his blonde hair was a little messy. Ange and Harry are on the other side of the couch. I'm happy for her, it might be the start of something new. My thoughts were interrupted by Niall "Good morning love." Niall says to me with his thick Irish accent.

"Good morning." I say to him

Niall's  P.O.V

Even though I barely knew Rosie, I'm starting to grow feelings for her. I have to tell her how I feel. I just hope that she feels the same way about me.

"Rosie, can I ask you something?" I say while looking at her in the eyes.

"Yeah, anything." she says while looking at me

"What did you think when I caught you?" I says while looking her in the eye

"Well I was surprised because, I never thought I would...ever meet you. I never thought I would be that close to you! What did you think when you met me???" Rosie says while biting her lip

"Well, I was stunned you were so beautiful, and once we started talking, I really starting loving you. I would do anything for you." I say while looking into her brown eyes

"Wow! I'm-m flattered I really am! I love you to Niall!" She says while kissing passionately

"I hate to leave you but, I have to make breakfast you, Angelina, and the boys." I say

"Ok thank you!" Rosie says

"No problem!" I say

Once I finished making the breakfast all the boys ate and, left to go to their houses. Except Harry was still cuddled up with Angelina. Once it was just me Rosie,Angelina and Harry. "What do you want to do today love?" I ask her while she finishes eating.

I love that she isn't scared to eat in front of me I say to myself

"Well, I don't know." she says while looking at Angie who is still sleeping by Harry's side...

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