He stole my heart

Rosie dreams of finding her TRUE love but,one day bumps into a boy named Niall. One day Niall and Rosie got in a car accident. While in a coma at the hospital Niall's Ex-girlfriend Victoria tries to get rid of Rosie. Read more to find out what happens


10. ~So far so good~

~Niall's P.O.V~

"Here is your car sir, By the way my daughter is a huge fan can...I have a autograph." the mechanic said to me 

"Yeah defiantly, do you just keep that photo (medium sized photo of me) of me in your wallet or..." I say to the Mechanic

"Like I said it's for my daughter and, when I found out you were coming AAMCO, I went to go buy a posture of you so I can ask for an autograph. For my daughter not for me. Daughter ah-ha Me Uh-uh. Daughter Si Me No." The mechanic says to me while giving me the poster

That was a little weird but whatever...HE'S A FAN! I say to myself

"Ok sir here's your poster. Thanks for fixing my car. " I say before me and Rosie go inside the car

"That was a little weird." Rosie says to me

"Yeah it was." I say while turning on the car and back-out of AAMCO parking lot

"I just wonder what my brother and the lads are doing right now..." I say

"Oh my god, what if we find them doing something really embarrassing again, like last time." Rosie says while laughing

"I know right that was so funny, Don't get me wrong I do really weird stuff. By the way your laugh is adorable." I say while getting on the free way to my house.

"Thank you I guess, What kind of weird thinks did you do?" Rosie says 

I know she's blushing that's why she changed the subject

"Well, I'm not going to say because you will be weirded out. Possibly puke, I don't know it's just private." I say

"Oh ok..." Rosie says

~12 minutes later~

~At Niall's house~

Once we finally got to the house, Rosie woke up from her nap. She looked so peaceful sleeping.

"Were here." I say to her

"Wow, your house is nice!" Rosie says while looking at my house

"Thanks. Mi casa es tu casa." I say

"gracias española bombón." Rosie says

"What does 'bonbon' mean?" I say confused

"Pensé que lo sabías." Rosie says

"No no sé, podemos empezar a hablar Inglés?" I say

"Sí lo que quieras. Bonbon means hottie so i said 'I thought you knew hottie

"Oh I knew that." I say acting like I knew

"Ok lets go inside the house." I say to Rosie

"Ok." Rosie says

Once we got by the door, I got my key and opened the door. Once me and Rosie entered the house we saw Greg and the boys watching TV

"Wow I'm Surprised they weren't doing something weird." I whisper to Rosie

"Hey Rosie its good to see you...again." Harry says while he came and hugged Rosie

"Hey Harry, you seem in a good mood."

"Yep, did you bring Angelina with you?"

"No, sorry Harry I didn't I just got out of the hospital like 3 hours ago."


"Hi Niall." Harry said while he hugged me.

"Wow, you totally ignored me the whole time...Harry."

"Sorry, I didn't mean to." Harry says while walking back to the sofa.

Me and Rosie walked to the sofa were everyone was sitting.

"Hey Bro, its good to see you." Greg says 

"Hey, its good to see you to." I say

"This is my girlfriend Rosie." I say to Greg

"Hi Rosie, I'm Niall's brother Greg." Grey says

"Hi Greg..." Rosie says while we both sit down

"So how did you lovebirds meet?" Grey asks

"Well I was walking into Nando's and, I caught her before she could fall. Then she spent the night." I say

"Wow just like the movies." Greg says

"Yup just like the movies..." I say

"So what are you guys watching?" Rosie asks

"Were watching umm...The...ermm.. Notebook. Louis says then bites his lip.

"Oh..." Rosie says while snuggling into my chest

"I'm so glad that were together again." I say to Rosie

"Me to."

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