He stole my heart

Rosie dreams of finding her TRUE love but,one day bumps into a boy named Niall. One day Niall and Rosie got in a car accident. While in a coma at the hospital Niall's Ex-girlfriend Victoria tries to get rid of Rosie. Read more to find out what happens


7. ~Praying and playing~

Next Day (8:35am) Niall's P.O.V

All I can do is pray, and wait until she wakes up. I decide to go on Twitter and see some of the stuff my fans tweeted me. As I was scrolling I saw some tweets saying "I hope Rosie gets better!" I do love my fans when they are supportive. 

"Where Am I?" I hear someone say look at Rosie and see she has woken up.

"You are in the hospital love, don't you remember what happened?" I ask her

"Umm...Why is Niall Horan from One Direction in my hospital room!?" she ask's me 

"I'm your boyfriend, we both were in a car crash, you had more injures because you didn't have your seatbelt on." I say to her while tears start to form but, I try not to let them not to come out

"Oh...How do I know you are telling the truth?" she says

"If you don't believe me call Angelina and tell her what happened and if we were really together." I say

Rosie's P.O.V

"Do you know were my phone is?" I ask him while looking at his beautiful blue eyes.

"I need to get the doctor so, he can check if you can go home today." he says while going out of the room.

I quickly go on my phone and call Angelina.

"Hey is it true Niall Horan is my...umm...boyfriend?" I say

"Yea and Harry Styles is my boyfriend." Angelina says  

"I though you were with Michael? Would it kill you not to be sarcastic?" I ask

"Why, would I be Sarcastic, I'm not being Sarcastic! And you know what happened between me and Michael he broke-up with me. Did you loose your mind or something cause this stuff happened 2-3 weeks ago" Angelina says getting annoyed.

"I don't remember was in a car crash." I say while crying.

"Oh Rosie, I'm sorry why didn't you tell me?" Angelina says

"Well I'm sorry but, I've been in a coma for a while. I have to go, I have to call my Dad." I say

"Oh ok, bye Rosie be careful! Angelina says

"Bye!" I say while hanging up.

Once I call my Dad...It went to voicemail so left a message...

"Hi Dad, I know you are quite worried about me because, it's been like a 2-3 weeks, But I got in a car accident. MY memory forgot three days before the accident. So please call me when you can, I have to go I just woke up today and, they have to check on me to make sure I can go home. I love you bye!" 

Once the message was sent I just sat in the hospital bed trying to see if I could remember something, anything from those three days. 

"Hello I'm Dr. Brown, I see you've woken up! Have you lost any sort of memory? the doctor says

"Yes, I've forgotten three days of memory before the accident." I say

"Well, most people have 3 or more days of lost memory. The reason why you were in a coma longer was because, a women impersonated a nurse and, injected you with whiskey but only got to inject half. A young man named Liam Payn stopped her before she could inject you with more. " the doctor said

"Were was Niall at the time?" I say while I start crying 

"Niall was recovering from some poisoned pain killers, they were given to him by the women that injected you." the doctor says

"Oh my God why did she do this to us...?" I say still with tears in my eyes

"She was my Ex-girlfriend. I'm guessing she was jealous of us. Me and you have been in a lot of magazines. I just don't know how she knew what hospital we were in." Niall says while looking me in the eyes.

"Mrs. Joyce you are good to go" The Doctor said while leaving the room.

"Why didn't you tell me the details, Niall?" I said

"Rosie, do you know the last thing you said to me before, the car crashed into us. You said 'I love yo--' You didn't even get to finish saying the word 'you'." Niall said while kissing me in the lips.

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