He stole my heart

Rosie dreams of finding her TRUE love but,one day bumps into a boy named Niall. One day Niall and Rosie got in a car accident. While in a coma at the hospital Niall's Ex-girlfriend Victoria tries to get rid of Rosie. Read more to find out what happens


8. ~Kiss and remember~

Niall's P.O.V

"I remember everything now! Thank you Niall ! " she says with excitement

"Your welcome! Now Let's go home, You need to talk to your Dad." I say to her

"Your right but, we need someone to take us to your house though." she says

"My car is in the repair shop. It's already been a 2 weeks or something, they should be done repairing it. I'm going to call them." I say while getting my phone out and calling the company.

"Hello my name is Ashely, what is your reason for your call? the teller asks me.

"I'm calling to see If my car is ready to be picked up." I say to the teller

"Ok, what is your name and passcode?''

"My name is Niall Horan and my passcode is 780NH821." I say Ashely (teller).

"Ok, let me look your account up...I'm going to put you on hold." the teller tells me while putting me on hold...

~3 minutes later~

"Ok, your car is ready to be picked up." Ashely says to me

"Ok, ill be on my way there." I say

"M'kay, thanks for your service and, have a nice day! Ashely says

"You to." I say while hanging up.

"What do they say?" Rosie says to me

"The car is ready to be picked up so, now I'm going to get a taxi." I say while looking for a Taxi on GetTaxi app.

"Ok." she says while smiling and, looking out into the street.

As I was looking in the app, I saw my friend who is a taxi driver. Since I usually get her I tap on her name and, put my phone in my pocket and I sit down next to Rosie.

~14 minutes later~

A car pulls up in front of us and rolls the window down.

"Hello Nialler, where would you like to go today." Susan (Taxi driver;friend) says while I get up and help Rosie up.

"I need to go to AAMCO here in Walnut Creek." I say while me and Rosie get in the car.

"Ok, we will be there in 20-15 minutes. Is that ok...?" Susan says

"Yeah that's fine." I say while looking at Rosie, She smiles back and looks out into the street.

I get my phone out and decided to text Rosie, She doesn't seem happy.


Me:"Are you mad at me or something? Text me back instead of talking I find it more private:)"

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