He stole my heart

Rosie dreams of finding her TRUE love but,one day bumps into a boy named Niall. One day Niall and Rosie got in a car accident. While in a coma at the hospital Niall's Ex-girlfriend Victoria tries to get rid of Rosie. Read more to find out what happens


9. ~Forever and always~

~Rosie's P.O.V~

"Ok, I set my GPS so we are ready to go. Does everyone have there seat belts on?"

"Yeah." Niall says

"Yes." I say 

I wonder why Niall's on his phone so much?? I say to myself. Suddenly, I feel my phone vibrate in my pocket so, I get it out and check the text message...

Niall:"Are you mad at me or something? Text me back instead of talking I find it more private:)"

Me: "No I'm not mad, I've just been thinking about everything that's been going on. Its pretty intense once you really think about it."

Niall: Yeah babe I know... I will protect you! I know were kinda strangers but, I would never hurt you. I also don't want you to think that we rushing any relationship because, If you just want to be friends then...that's fine.

Me: Niall, I don't think your rushing anything. After what happened we should take a risk and, see how our relationship turns out. :) 

Niall: Yeah I'm glad to hear that. ;)

Niall: So once I get my car do you want me to drive you to your house or my house?

Me: I think we should go to your house. You have most of your friends and family there, I also have my car there. Lol

Niall: Lol...That's true but what about your family? Don't you want to see them...

Me: I do but the only family, I have is my Dad.

Niall: I'm so sorry to hear that....

Me: I called my Dad in the hospital, but he didn't answer so I left a voicemail.

Niall: That's good that you really care for your Dad like that.

Me: I would be really sad to lose him. But I don't want to think about sad things happening, I just want to think about good things right now :)

Niall: So do I...

"Aha this generation of couples only text. Is that how you guys communicate all the time, even if your right next to each other." Susan says while smirking

"No its just, we had to say something private to each other." Niall says

"Well anyways we arrived at the destination, that will be...$30." Susan says while parking.

"Ok here is $30. Thanks for everything Susan." Niall says to Susan

"No problem Ni, anytime." she says while counting the money then putting it in one of the compartments.

"Bye Susan." Niall says

"Bye Niall" Susan says to Niall while she drives off

"Lets go get the car, so we could go and finally just talk and, get away from this drama." Niall says while holding my hand 

"I can't wait to met your family and, be free from all the problems." I say while we walk to AAMCO.   

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