Little Black Dress


Diana Rose has just lost her father. After loosing her mother to cancer she is now living with her aunt who is absent almost everyday. Diana is just a wallflower, never been kissed, never been loved by a boy other than her dad. At his funeral she bumps into someone who she hates with a passion ever since the first grade. That was the day, that everything changed.


13. You broke The Promise You Made

Diana's POV

"Where is he? I had to switch to last in hopes he'd make it!" I said to Eleanor frantically.

"I-I don't know. I'm so sorry Diana, but he probably has a logical reason." she said smiling.

"Our final act is Miss Diana Rose." the announcer said before walking off stage.

"Good luck kiddo." Eleanor said before I walked on stage.

"This one's for my parents." I said into the mic before walking over and sitting at the piano.

I looked out at the crowd one last time for sight of him. He didn't show up.

I sighed and looked down at the beautiful instrument before me. I closed my eyes and let my mind do the work. I started to play the piece and instantly thousands of memories of my parents rushed through my head. I remembered being young with my parents and all the fun times we had, but with in seconds those memories were gone, and all I could remember was the night my mother died. Then I got flashbacks to when my father passed. Finally as I continue playing the piece a reoccurring Dream came into my head. I get this dream once in a while and it gets worse each time.

(A/N: While she's playing this piece she's having the dream.)

I'm walking down a hallway. I look around and I notice blood on the white walls. I look into rooms as I'm walking and I notice IV's and hospital beds. I see shadows of people walk by me but no faces or bodies. I can see a few nurses but they each pass through my body as I walk. Am I dead? No, I'm living but I'm dead on the inside. I keep walking up the hallway and soon enough the shadows fade and the nurses disappear. I'm the only one left. At the end of the hallway I see a man, he's blurry but I can tell he's a man. I'm not sure who this man is, but I keep walking. Before I know it the man starts to fade as well, so I start to run. I run and run but I'm going no where. It's like I'm running on the spot and I'm unable to move. I look behind me and there's nothing there. Nothing is holding me back. Yet why can't I reach him?

I'm snapped out of my dream as I play the last note of the piece. I stand up and everyone is clapping. I quickly bow then feel the tears run down my face as I exit the stage.

"Diana what's wrong?" asks Eleanor worried.

"It's nothing. That piece was for my parents so..." I trail off.

"If you need anything I'm here for you." she says hugging me.

"Thanks El." I reply smiling. "I'm going to go home now." I added.

"Let me drive you." she said smiling.

"Thanks." I replied.

Where was Harry...and who's the man in my dreams?

Harry's POV

I get to the venue around 8pm.

"Is the show still going on?" I asked a man outside smoking a cigarette.

"The show ended five minutes ago mate. Oh god you missed it. A beautiful girl played an amazing piece at the end. Rose something was her name." he said smiling.

"Diana Rose?" I asked

"Yes son, that was it. Sorry you had to miss it. She was amazing." he said taking another puff of his cigarette.

"She sure is. Do you know where she might be?" I asked

"Mostly everyone has gone home, but you could always look." he replied smiling

"Thanks." I said before running through the venue.

No Diana.

Diana's POV

I got home and I was exhausted. I looked at my mail box and I had a huge envelope. What the fuck? I took the envelope and walked inside. I poured myself a cup of water and then opened up the envelope. I opened up the envelope and dropped my glass of water.

It was a picture of Harry...kissing another girl. It was dated last night. Is this possible? No, it's probably photo shopped or something. It's probably Lexi trying to break us up. This is probably an old photo. I looked at his outfit in the was the one he bought last week. The t-shirt and jeans he's wearing in this picture are new... No Diana stop. It's probably Lexi.

Before I know it I'm crying. I can't help it. I don't think Harry would ever do this to me but...UGH! I hear my doorbell ring and I run towards the door still holding the pictures. I open the door and Harry's standing in front of the same outfit from the picture.

"I'm so sorry I missed your recital. I have an explanation I swear." he said looking into my eyes before slowly looking at the pictures in my hand. His facial expression went blank. I felt like my heart was caving in.

"So it's true." I said crying even harder.

"I don't know." he replied


"Diana please let me explain!" he pleaded

"NO! I TRUSTED YOU! I FELL IN LOVE WITH YOU! I THOUGHT YOU HAD CHANGED. TURNS OUT YOUR STILL A HEARTBREAKING FUCKING DOUCHEBAG! I HATE YOU! NEVER TALK TO ME EVER AGAIN!" I yelled before slamming the door in his face and locking it. He kept banging on the door pleading for me to open up but I didn't.

I slowly sunk to the ground with my back against the door and once again, I was crying.

I'm back where I started. Broken.

Lexi's POV

I was at my car outside of Diana's house watching the beautiful fallout of their relationship happen. Harry's going to be mine once again, and Diana? She's still going to pay.

I still can't believe this worked. I'm even more surprised that Harry doesn't remember anything. Well, I mean how could he. I gave him ecstasy, or at least the guy at the liquor store did.

I heard Liam telling Louis about the "bro's party" they were having and I got an idea. I left school early and got some liquor. I payed the liquor store guy $300 to put some ecstasy in the bottle of whisky Harry had placed on order. Just like him to call ahead for booze.

I arrived at Harry's place around 3:00am once I had seen the boys leave. I entered his back door and with the help of Porsha, we drove to where she lives in Brighton and took him out for a wild night. I let Porsha deal with Harry and drove back to Holmes Chapel.

I was just praying that Harry wouldn't notice the family resemblance between me and Porsha.

I knew Diana had a recital so I put the photo's I took of Harry kissing Porsha last night in her mail box around 6:00pm. I took out my phone and dialed Porsha.

"Hey Porsha." I said into the phone

"Hey cuz, how's it going? Harry and I didn't fuck but did that bitch see the pictures you took? Did it work?" she asked excited.

"Yupp. I think Harry and Diana are done. For good." I said laughing into the phone.

"Good, so are you coming to the family reunion?" she asked hopeful.

"Probably, my mom's making me." I said sighing.

"Well I hear that we have some fourth cousins coming and they're hot. We can always have some fun with them if ya know what I mean." she said laughing into the phone.

"Yeah... I gotta go, thank you for wearing that stupid curly wig." I replied

"No problem. Ugh, I hated having brown hair. It was so not me." she said laughing. Porsha only likes bleach blonde hair. She even hated it when I dyed my hair a dark blonde. I don't know what she has against any other hair color.

"Call me later bb. Love ya." I said before hanging up.

Shit. What if Porsha get's me into some sort of menage a trois? I can't fuck anyone with this Chlamydia! Ugh, why is my life so difficult?

Diana's POV


I missed everything. His touch. His smell. His shoes. His hot breath on my neck. His curls. His towering height over me. His stupid laugh. His beautiful legs. His tattoo's. His voice. His green orbs. But mostly...I missed him.

I was walking down the halls to Science when I saw him. He was walking with Niall, Niall waved but Harry just kept his head down and kept walking. I kept a poker face until they passed by. I couldn't see what I looked like but I knew that my face fell. I could feel the sadness run through my body, I felt like a ghost. It didn't feel like I was alive. My body was here at school but my mind was elsewhere.

I walked into class and instantly fell asleep. This is horrible. Is this what heartbreak is? If it sucks.

Harry's POV

I remember almost everything about that night now. The only thing I don't remember is having sex with that mystery girl and how I got to Brighton. I told the boys about what happened. It pretty much consisted of them calling me an idiot. Zayn got caught by the cops and he had to go to the hospital for a proper drug test because they weren't sure what was wrong with him. They found traces of ecstasy in his system. Now thinking about it. I think we might have all had ecstasy in our system. I don't know, but I'm going to get to the bottom of it. Then...I'm going to get my love back.

It's June now and I'm freaking out. Prom's about one month, and I need to get Diana back. Whatever it takes.

"Harry!" Lexi said playfully punching my arm. Oh, she's blonde again...wait.

"Why are you talking to me. I hate you." I said dryly

"Harry, I'm human I make mistakes forgive me?" she asked smirking and biting her lip.

"No. One question, have you been to Brighton latley." when I said Brighton she gulped.

"Nope. Talk later Harry." she said quickly trying to walk away.

"Were you the one who gave me and my friends the ecstasy?" I asked.

"What are you talking about?" she asked.

"I know you did it, and I'm going to get proof." I said standing close to her.

"Bye Harry." she said before walking off.

I knew she did it! Okay how did we get drugged...what was the first thing I drank after the beer? Whiskey. That's when it all went blank. After the whiskey. Where did I get the whiskey? The Liquor Store.

I started walking towards the doors when the bell rang. Geography can wait. I need to find out what happened that night.

I arrived at the Liquour Store and saw Rob working at the desk. He was a different guy from the one got the whiskey from but he's my mate and I'm sure he can give me the security tapes.

"Hey Harry." he said waving

"Hey Rob, look I have a big probelm. Someone fucked with the whiskey I bought here and I need to know who." I said looking at his face for a sign. He looked pissed off.

"How did they fuck it up?" he asked

"Someone up ecstacy in it." I replied

"Sure Harry anything for you mate. You can watch all the footage you want." he said walking into a hidden room.

"Thanks mate." I replied

"No problem. Tell me who did this. They're not going to be her fucking with my customers anymore." he said angrily.

"Will do." I answered. Now. Where to begin.

After hours of footage I finally found it. There was a girl with brown hair who gave the guy I picked up the whiskey from.

"Turn to the camera, cmon!" I said to myself. Finally she did and I paused the tape. Lexi.

"ROB!" I yelled. In about a minute he came running in.

"Found it?" he asked

"Yup, here's the guy. Do you mind if I copy this tape? I need to show someone it." I asked hoping he would say yes.

"Sure mate, sorry again about this mix-up." he apologized

"No worries. I'm going to copy this then I gotta go!" I replied grabbing my backpack.

"Sure thing, call me if you need anything." he said smiling.

"Will do, thanks again." I replied.

Diana has to see this. She just has to.

Diana's POV

I got home and as per usual. I was home alone. I missed having Harry come over every Friday. I missed having him come over whenever to be honest.

I walked over to my piano and ran my fingers along it. I wish Harry was here right now so I could keep teaching him. I was about to play the piano but decided not to. I couldn't put myself through that. I knew I would start crying if I did. I was about to walk upstairs to my room when the doorbell rang...

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