Little Black Dress


Diana Rose has just lost her father. After loosing her mother to cancer she is now living with her aunt who is absent almost everyday. Diana is just a wallflower, never been kissed, never been loved by a boy other than her dad. At his funeral she bumps into someone who she hates with a passion ever since the first grade. That was the day, that everything changed.


12. Will You Be There ?

Diana's POV

I woke up from the sound of my phone ringing. Ugh.

"Hello?" I asked yawning while answering the phone

"Hello sleepy head, don't forget that it's Friday and we have school!" Harry said laughing through the other end of the phone.

"Oh right." I replied getting up

"I'll be at your's in about 5 minutes, be ready!" he said before hanging up on me. FUCK!

I ran to the washroom and quickly washed my face, brushed my teeth and tied my hair up. I put on a little bit of mascara then threw all my stuff in my backpack. I looked in the mirror and realized that I was still in my pajama's. I heard my phone text tone and quickly looked at it.

From Harry

I'm here, get your cute little bum outside and in my car.

To Harry

I'm changing give me like 5 more minutes

From Harry

Changing are we? Open up the blinds and let me watch while I'm waiting ;)

I rolled my eyes and quickly put on an outfit. I then ran downstairs and outside making sure to lock my front door.

I walked up to Harry's car and ducked so he couldn't see me. He was listening to music and bobbing his head singing along. I put my ear up to the car and I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

"HAHAHAH!" I yelled as I opened up the car door making him yelp.

"WHAT THE HELL DIANA!" he said quickly turning off the radio

"I KNEW YOU LIKED 23! YOU'RE SUCH A TRY HARD HIPSTER!" I said laughing and getting into his car.

"Are you hipster?" he asked

"Nope!" I replied

"Okay, then I guess because your not hipster you can't get this Peppermint Hot Chocolate I picked up for you." he said holding the all mighty Starbucks cup.

"I'm sorry. Now give me the drink." I said leaning in to take the cup.

"Nope. Kiss for drink." he said smirking.

I took him by surprise and gave him a big kiss.

"My drink now." I said taking the drink.

"Can I have a sip?" he asked.

"Styles, don't fuck with a white girl and her Starbucks." I said making him laugh.

"My bad." he replied

We got to school and for once we were early. There was a huge group of people so me and Harry ran over to see what was going on.

"YOU FUCKING BITCH!" Danielle said punching Sophia right in the face.

"FUCK YOU DANI!" Sophia yelled punching Dani back.

"STOP PLEASE STOP!" Eleanor said breaking them apart.

"FUCK YOU SOPHIA AND LIAM WE'RE OVER! HEAR ME? OVER!" she yelled before running away with Eleanor close behind.

"Mate?" asked Harry. Liam just looked at us and walked towards his car. I looked at Harry and he was debating weather to go or not.

"Harry go. Liam needs you." I said cupping his face.

"...But the English project." he said looking at me. I quickly kissed his lips then pulled away.

"It's fine. Go. Be a good friend." I said smiling

"Thank you so much. I'll make it up to you." he said running towards Liam's car.

"Love you!" I said smiling

"LOVE YOU TOO!" He yelled.

Lexi was going to be mad. Very mad.

I walked into class and sat with Lexi and the back of the class. She sat there now because I had taken her spot next to Harry at the front.

"What the fuck do you want and where the fuck is Harry?" she asked angrily

"He's gone-"

"HE'S WHAT?!" she exclaimed

"Yeah yeah yeah, so here's the new script. I cut out the new narrator we put in and it's just Romeo and Juliet." I said handing her the script.

She angrily flipped through it and then looked at me.

"I call Romeo. His lines are easier." she said dryly

"Fine." I replied.

"Okay class, let's begin!" Mr.Barnes exclaimed.

Only 10 more minutes of class left. We might be able to skip presentations until Harry get's back next class. It was Lexi and I and then another group. I was praying to the English gods that we wouldn't be picked next.

"Lexi and Diana!" said Mr.Barnes smiling. Fuck.

We got to the front of the class and I started to read my lines.

"O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo? Deny thy father and refuse thy name. Or, if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love, And I’ll no longer be a Capulet." I said dramatically to Lexi making the class laugh.

"Shall I hear more, or shall I speak at this?" Lexi said dryly causing the class to laugh even harder. Even I had a giggle.

This is fucking hilarious.

Harry's POV

Before Liam took off I hoped into his car.

"Spill" I said quickly

"I fucked up Harry. I really fucked up." he said turning to me with tears in his eyes.

"Hey, mate don't worry-"

"Don't tell me that. I fucked up and I know it." he said hitting the steering wheel.

"Now if you don't want to be late I suggest you leave." he said wiping his eyes and sighing.

"Actually I could go for a mean burger right now. McDonalds?" I asked

"Harry it's 9 o'clock in the morning" Liam said laughing a little

"A muffin and coffee will do then" I replied smiling.

"Sounds good to me." he replied starting the car.

"Look mate, bottom line. Sophia kissed you and you didn't pull away. Danielle saw the whole thing and now you're over. You need to find out if you still like Dani or if you want to move on with Sophia." I said calmly

"I made her baby...she was crying because of me." he said getting teary again.

"Look, maybe you should-" he cut me off.

"I like Sophia, we've known each other for the longest time ever, but Dani and I are special. Then again we've been fighting a lot lately." he said biting his breakfast sandwich.

"So take a break." I replied

"What?" he asked confused.

"Liam, take a break from relationships and love. Take a break. You need one." I said trying to comfort him.

"But...I hurt them both because I was selfish, I can't just forget about it Harry." he replied

"So apologize to both of them and explain how you're taking a break" I said sternly.

"Thanks so much mate. You're the best." he said smiling.

"No problem, now back to school!" I said getting up.

"Oh right, the joy" he said as we walked towards his car.

"How about tonight we have a guys night. No girls. Just X-box and junk food?" I offered.

"Sounds perfect." he replied

When we got to school I walked Liam to his first period class then rushed to English. The door was open and I could see Lexi and Diana doing their Romeo and Juliet performance. It was fucking hilarious. When it was Lexi's turn to speak, I walked in. Luckily I had memorized Romeo's part and took over.

"What shall I swear by?" I said dramatically dropping my backpack.

"Do not swear at all. Or, if thou wilt, swear by thy gracious self, Which is the god of my idolatry,

And I’ll believe thee." Diana said walking towards me face to face.

"If my heart’s dear love—" I said before crashing my lips into her's while in the moment.

The whole class started cheering and Mr.Barnes was crying. Who knew he cried?

I turned back to Lexi and she was just playing it cool.


The bell rang and everyone hurried out.

"Should we tell him that I was actually late and that we secretly fucked up?" I whispered to Diana

"Maybe when we graduate." she said laughing

"Good idea."

Diana's POV

When the lunch bell rang, Harry and I booked it to our favorite bench at the park a few minutes away from the school. We sat down laughing. I naturally put my legs over his and got out my lunch.

"You going to keep your legs here?" he asked smirking

"Problem?" I replied

"Nope, just as long as you don't mind my bread crumbs all over your leggings." he said rubbing my legs.


"Calm down Ms.Lovato, I don't care if you don't care." he replied laughing.

We sat there staring at the scenery and talking for what seemed like 5 minutes but I know it was more. Time flew by when I was with was one thing I loved.

"I have a recital this Saturday..." I said smiling.

"Oh, really, and I'm hopping your super hot boyfriend has a front row seat ticket?" he asked smirking

"Well I would hope so." I replied smiling.

"I'll be there, text me the details." He replied

"Okay but you promise you will come an on time?" I asked

"I promise." he said holding out his pinky. I gladly took it and shook it.

Harry quickly pulled out his phone and his face when pale, before he stood up.

"We have exactly 3 minutes to get back to school if we don't want to be late!" he said offering me a hand up.

We ended up being 1 minute late for class and you know what...I wouldn't have it any other way.

Harry's POV

I told Diana about Liam and she was okay with me skipping math and music lessons today. We still hang out every Friday. She teaches me piano and I teach her math. It's a perfect deal.

I got to my house around 5pm after buying everything we would need. About 10 minutes later I heard knocks at the door and I knew that the boys were here. I opened the door and my four best mates were there.

"Hey lads, I got beer, junk food and every type of X-box game." I said smiling.

"I got something too." Louis said smirking and pulling out a few joints. I had quit smoking weed ever since I had started dating Diana. She told me it was a huge turn off and I refused to do something if my baby hated it so much.

"Lou I don't think so." I said hesitant.

"Cmon' Haz." he said smiling.

"Only one joint." I replied.

We went outside with our beers, whiskey and joints.

"What should we toast to?" asked Niall.

"Liam's freedom" Zayn said holding up his beer.

"To Liam's freedom!" we all cheered.

"It sure as hell doesn't feel like freedom but thanks guys." he replied smiling

"Hey, tonight nothing matters. It's just the boys tonight. So lets get fucking wasted!" Louis said chugging the rest of his beer.

"TO GETTING WASTED!" we all said clinking our beers before chugging them like Lou.

I woke up and I had a major hangover. I was in some random bed in a room that I didn't recognize rolled over and my eyes popped out of my head. There was a girl next to me that had the same hair as Diana. I looked at myself and I was only in my boxers. Wait did Diana and I have sex? The girl who I thought was Diana slowly turned over and I was heartbroken when I realized it wasn't.

"Morning sleepy head." a random girl said.

"We didn't..." I asked

"But we did. You were great. I didn't know that they came in sizes as big as you." she said winking.

I shook my head and got up. I looked at the girl and she looked awfully familiar.

"Do I know you?" I asked quickly.

"Nope." she replied quickly. She then got up and handed me my clothes.

"Next time you come to Brighton call me" she said winking.

"BRIGHTON?" I exclaimed

"Yeah...You, Louis, Liam, Zayn and Niall drove down here last night." she said crossing her arms.

"WHAT TIME IS IT?" I asked

"About 3:30pm, wanna catch a late lunch?" she asked smirking

"DIANA!" I yelled. I quickly ran out of her apartment and dialed Louis.

"Hello?" he answered.

"LOU WHAT THE FUCK I'M IN BRIGHTON!" I yelled through the phone

"How did ya get there?" he asked

"I don't fucking know. The girl I woke up next to said we were all there." I replied

"No, mate I'm in Holmes Chapel, I never left town...neither did any of the other boys" he said suspiciously.

"Then why the fuck am I the only one here? What happened last night Lou?" I asked

"I can't fucking remember." he replied

"No no no!" I moaned into the phone

"We will figure this out. Just get back to Holmes Chapel." Lou replied before he hung up.

Dammit. Why did I have to fuck this up? SHIT! How the fuck am I going to tell Diana?

She's going to hate me! I looked at my phone and it was now 4pm, it takes about 2 hours to get to Holmes Chapel by train and Diana's performance is at 6:30. Shit.

I got on the train and put in my headphones. I had a million things running through my head. I kept thinking about was that girl...she looked so familiar. But all that matters right now is if I make it to the recital on time.

I might have just screwed up the best thing I ever had...

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